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Thread: Do you find it a lot easier to speak about the past instead of the present + future?

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    Default Do you find it a lot easier to speak about the past instead of the present + future?

    At first I thought that speaking about the present and the future was only done on the Internet around at least a good decade ago. However, I noticed more and more that people tend to talk about the present and the future a lot more than the past in real life. A lot of discussions are in real-time.

    Now, I don't mean to say that the past is never discussed either. Depending on the topics, especially regarding entertainment or politics and religion just to name a few, the past is always referenced, but when it comes to people's lives, the present and the future are discussed so much more. I could understand if there's a lot going on in people's lives that a lot of the focus and emphasis is on the present and the future so much more than the past, but I always found it so much easier to talk about things after they're finished. I could see how it would be easier if one doesn't have much going on, but even so. It just seems easier to discuss outcomes and destinations as opposed to journeys and processes.

    On the other hand, I'm well-aware that some things were meant to be and are just better off discussed beforehand or even during the moment, since it's either too good to pass up or just at it's most apt and appropriate, but in the grand scheme of things, discussing the past still seemed either, because to me, anything that's completed and/or over seems to be easier to describe and explain. The only great few exceptions I can think of, is if it's hard to remember things while expressing one's self after the fact while keeping one's though fresh, or if one is seeking for advice/help, or if you're living in the moment and enjoy it, while being able to process it and express yourself at the same time, but that's about it.

    This has really caught my attention when I noticed on social media, and now forums that people tend to talk about things before they happen or as they happen, but not after.

    But from my experience, whether it's to do with success or failure, it just seems easier to speak and/or write about after the fact. This is why even though I do sometimes get excited for new releases, I much prefer to give them breathing room and see how it holds up for the years or even decades ahead at the most.

    This also isn't means to criticize and complain either, but more of an observation and very late realization if anything, as most people I know personally on Facebook and Instagram speak about the present and the future way more than the past. Almost ever status is about what will happen or what's happening, but not about what they did, whether it was a success or failure. (Although with failures, I obviously don't blame people for avoiding even the slightest mention of them, but all I'm just saying is that it's easier for me to say "I did it it." and "Here's what I did and why, etc." as opposed to trying to keep up with this or that as they go along or plan and talk at the same time.)

    This is why if I go to a concert, I'd rather now write about it after attendance, since I'm sometimes not even sure if I'd actually go.

    Anyway, I was just wondering if you also noticed this as well, because it took me so long to realize this about myself, and wondered if anybody else felt/was the same way regarding discussing past over the present and the future, and just wanted to get this out there before I forget to do so.

    So to take from the quotes about journeys, processes, destinations and results, the destinations and results were always the simplest parts for me to discuss.

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