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Thread: Born Villain Your Reviews

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    Default Born Villain Your Reviews

    Since Born Villain is now officially out, share your reviews and thoughts on the album here. Do not ask for or post links to any illegal downloads.

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    Children of Cain and Breaking the Same Old Ground were its low points.
    Apart from that, everything else sounds PERFECT. Really loved.

    I can't define the highlights. But I guess Hey Cruel World and Flowers of Evil.

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    As expected, the album is easily the best thing the band has put out since Holy Wood, but still doesn't touch that album or any that came prior.
    After one run through, it seems The Flowers of Evil is the only real weakspot, but like I said that was after one run through so it could very well grow on me. Overall very pleased with this album.

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    I have to disagree, Children of Cain, Flowers of Evil, Breaking the Same Old Ground and Slo-Mo-Tion are my favourites.

    I'm not a huge fan of Born Villain or Pistol Whipped. (I do like Born Villain, however, and can tell it'll grow)

    It's much better as a whole than anything since 2001 in my opinion. It pisses all over EMDM and THEOL, and certainly offers a lot more variety and groove than Golden Age. I really like the fact it doesn't sound overly polished.
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    Pistol Whipped is a strange one in that it doesn't really go anywhere, but there's something about it that I like. I agree with you about Children of Cain and Slo-Mo-Tion though. Breaking the Same Old Ground will need some growing as well.

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    Overneath and I haven't even heard the leak!

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    I fucking loved everything, I wish I could take a few vacation days for this.

    My thousand word review:

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    hey guys, I'm new here but I've been lurking for a few weeks...kind of figured I'd wait to register until I'd actually heard Born Villain

    anyway, I've been a fan since about mid '96 and I've probably seen Manson live somewhere around 75-80 times. my loyalty will always be with SLC, ACS, MA, HW and to an extent TGAOG. I found my interest begin to wane around the time of EM,DM, an album I've since come around to enjoy quite a bit. My initial reaction wasn't nearly as favorable, particularly since my two favorite members of the band (Ginger & Pogo) ceased to be factors around that time. THEOL is one that I've more or less hated from the moment I first heard and quite honestly there are songs on there I couldn't even identify by title.

    so anyway, I had zero expectations for Born Villain, and I was pretty underwhelmed when I first heard "No Reflection." having gone all the way through the new one, and having listened to the four spotify tracks about 20 times each, my opinion isn't radically different from what it was when I heard the 90-second samples last week. the album starts off fairly strong, descends into pretty abysmal nu-metal territory somewhere around "The Flowers of Evil," and regains its momentum at "Murderers..." I no longer expect Marilyn Manson to produce epic albums, but I'm happy to hear some evidence of growth, especially since the last album sounded like a Marilyn Manson cover band (and a crappy one at that). I'll give Born Villain a bunch of listens in the next few days - which is more than I did for THEOL - and see if I come around to the few tracks I dislike. I guess the problem for me is that when I hear anything that sounds like it could have been on THEOL, I'm automatically going to hate it. plus there's a song on here that sounds like the motherfucking Deftones. that's not good.

    overall, probably a 7 out of 10 for me right now.
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    It's definitely the best thing work the band has done since Holy Wood and probably the most original album since Mechanical Animals. Upon my first listen I like every track. However not equally, I absolutely love Slo-Mo-tion, Children Of Cain, Flowers of Evil, Disengaged, Lay Down Your Goddamn Arms and Born Villain.

    Pistol Whipped and No Reflection are good, but probably the least impressionable on me.

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    Fuck off all of you I love all the songs especially pistol whipped but I have a problem liking the title track born villain.

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