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Thread: Born Villain Your Reviews

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    "Hey, Cruel World"

    This track has a classic Manson feel to it, maybe worthy enough to be on an album such as Holywood: In the Shadow of the Valley of Death. I like how he taunts "We don't need your faith, we've got fucking fate!" and exclaims "I am among no one."

    The video is cool. 4/5

    "No Reflection"

    I always find myself rocking out to this one. The first time I heard it I was a little unsure, but now it's my favorite track on the record. I love the music, the lyrics, Manson's voice and screams. Obviously a great choice for a single. The video is also fucking awesome and compliments the song very well. 5/5

    "Pistol Whipped"

    The intro is too long! It should be a separate track. This definitely has a familiar sound and feel to it, almost like The White Stripes or Prince! "I wanna have your ache, and beat you too" is obviously a clever play on "I want to have my cake and eat it too." The chorus makes me think of being "penis whipped" (instead of "pussy whipped.") Although this song is a simple cock tease, I'm not sure how it would stand up as a single. A video sounds interesting. 3/5

    "Overneath the Path of Misery"

    This track is one of my favorites! The spoken Macbeth intro has an otherworldly alien "Alice In Wonderland" or "Wonka" feel to it, but needs to be a separate track. Then the song immediately cuts into the familiar fast ride down a highway of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Speaking of which, I think the trailer is easily the best video of this "era" so far, yet I feel it is misleading. 4/5


    This track is cool, a great choice for a single. It took a while for me to like though, it wasn't until I was laying on a beach intoxicated that I started to really enjoy and appreciate it. It's a new "The Dope Show," complete with bells and whistles. The guitar solo (and last 60 seconds) kind of remind me of Ween! The music and lyrics have a very "I'm drunk," Mechanical Animals, and The High End of Low feel. It also reminds me of Lily, "Wow" from The High End of Low is also a Lily song because it sounds like a cat meowing. 4/5

    I didn't care for the video too much.

    "The Gardener"

    This is different for Manson. The beginning is spoken and sounds very familiar like White Zombie's "Black Sunshine" or Baz Luhrmann's "Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen.)" I really love the music throughout and some of the lyrics, especially where he sings "You never wanted to share your concept of your creation with any other gods or worshipers. Your book isn't burned, it was never written."

    He is talking about a female and relationships again (like I should be surprised, right?) singing "She and every She," "I'm not man enough to be human" and "I'm learning to fake it" ... blah blah blah, boring! I guess I am just disappointed by this track because of that and I really have no interest in putting it in my playlists. I think it really had potential to be something greater lyrically. Judging from everyone's responses, however, it is certain that there is no accounting for taste.

    Manson mentioned an alternate unspoken version, which makes me curious. 1/5

    "The Flowers of Evil"

    I didn't like this track at first, it had to grow on me (no pun intended!) Now I think it's one of my favorites, yet it does seem to be talking about relationships again. I do really like where he sings "Your body's on me like sleepless spiders."

    Again, this is a song that has a very familiar sound to it, especially the catchy chorus where he sings "I've been running from the bloodless for fear of exile for all of my sorceries that shun the light," a sound that I unfortunately cannot seem to place ... I almost want to say Sisters of Mercy. 3/5

    "Children of Cain"

    A slow and somewhat evil song (that had a lot of potential!) More books and relationship stuff ... the verses really stand out over the chorus such as "Sacrifice won't suffice resurrection needs your death to happen twice fall on my heart and burn and forge your tortured black-smitten into the sharpest fucking sword" and "Don't assume that I'm always with you it's just where my mortal body happens to be."

    The revelations quote "and all the pages you spread, sweet as honey you said, but I'm choking on your bitter stories" is OK, but I don't like how Manson sings it for some reason. 4/5


    I like this song even though it's about him getting mad at his computer, or talking about boring relationships again. Either way, it's a solid 3/5

    "Lay Down Your Goddamn Arms"

    Weird title. Weird song. More books. More relationships. I'm not sure about this one, I won't say that I dislike it because the music is pretty good, but it's definitely not one of my favorites. I like the verses I guess. The chorus probably has the cheesiest lyrics on the album.

    "There isn't a key, You can use on me" sounds haunting and is probably what catches most people. 2/5

    "Murderers are Getting Prettier Everyday"

    Another nod to "classic bash-your-skull-in Manson" ala Holy Wood's "Burning Flag," The Golden Age of Grotesque's "Para-Noir", or perhaps maybe even Antichrist Superstar's "Angel With the Scabbed Wings," and is the hardest track on the record. It's also surprisingly one of my least favorite tracks because it is just so bland. I guess I enjoy the last part of it where he sings, "murderers are getting prettier every day." 1/5

    "Born Villain"

    This is one of my favorite songs on the record, lyrically and musically, and I particularly like the guitar and beat. There are moments where the music really reminds me of classic Manson. "Become become become become be be become" is one of my favorite parts.

    Even though this is the longest song on the record, I felt it ended too soon. It left me wanting more. 4/5

    "Breaking the Same Old Ground"

    Originally I thought this had a totally lame title, but now I think it's clever. It fits. It's definitely one of the better sounding tracks, reminding me of "Man That You Fear." More relationship crap though; I really think this song had potential to be something greater lyrically. I absolutely love the guitar, keyboards, and SFX though. 4/5

    "You're So Vain"

    This bonus track feels like a novelty, a complete 180 from the record and kind of like a joke. It definitely made me laugh, like "A Rose and a Baby Ruth" did. Probably my least favorite out of all of them (except "The Gardener") but how can you say this is worse than "Golden Years," "Highway to Hell," or that other one? Yeah ... it's neat that Johnny Depp is in it I guess ... one extra point for it being a Carly Simon cover. 2/5


    Overall I would rate Born Villain a 3/5.

    Final Thoughts:

    Tracks that stand out are "Hey, Cruel World," "No Reflection," "Pistol Whipped," "Overneath the Path of Misery," "Slo-Mo-Tion," "Children of Cain," "Flowers of Evil," "Disengaged," "Born Villain," and "Breaking the Same Old Ground." I must say that it took me a while to really appreciate most of the record though, I enjoy it a lot more now five months later. Learning to perform and sing it probably helped.

    Three things you can always count on Manson singing about: women, guns, and monkeys. Sometimes cars, drugs or Hollywood. This time around he added flowers and books to the mix. At first and second listen I thought it was OK, there are some neat songs, then I got bored with it for a long while. This is also an album of long intros; Almost every song has some long intro or segue which drag it down. Some of the lyrics I didn't like either. The record talks a lot about books, flowers, relationships, and women (even though Manson amazingly sings "she" and "her" in only one song.) I strongly feel like can we please just move on and talk about something else other than relationships and women? Where is Satan?? Manson stated that he was "bringing Satan back" with this record which I don't feel or see at all. Yeah ... he sings "Children of Cain" and says things like "I don't ever want God To hear our screams and mistake them for prayers," plus he practically rips Revelations Chapter 10 out of The Bible. "Murderers are Getting Prettier Everyday" sounds like it wants to evoke the dark lord. But. EH. Whatever.

    Born Villain definitely plays well alongside Eat Me, Drink Me and The High End of Low, and is probably his best work since The Golden Age of Grotesque. I certainly don't look at this album as being the "father" or "grandfather of the triptych" as NK had suggested, or even a "comeback record" as Manson had stated. I just don't feel or see it.

    I realize Manson said that he wanted to create what was on his mind and not what other people wanted. That's cool. I'm certainly glad that he feels like he has more freedom. As a fan, I feel like I can criticize and critique though. I am surprised and disappointed that there isn't an album booklet. All of the above facts helped contribute to my final score, otherwise this record would have easily been a 4/5. Maybe even a 5/5. The deluxe version may change that, we'll see!

    Also it is truly amazing that this album didn't leak. I tip my hat to them for that as a bonus.
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    10/10 I feel like my ear drums have been violently raped for an a good way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vonrueden09 View Post
    I fucking loved everything, I wish I could take a few vacation days for this.

    My thousand word review:

    I should've just quoted this image to express my opinion on the album and my reaction to listening to it. Ectoplasm.

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    out of all manson's albums...Mechanical Animals and Antichrist Superstar are tied for 1st place for me...I like EMDM the least, if at all...then golden age...then tgaog...then holywood...
    Then this wonderful album came and it's the best thing I've heard since Mechanical Animals....Holy wood is great and it's deep and part of the tryptich and shit...but i can't just say nothing compares to holywood just cause it's related to ACS and MA....I honestly cannot say if Born Villain is better or worse than ACS or MA in my's so great....I feel i can easily say i like it over everything else (including HolyWood)
    I got my very 1st listen in a very loud and very good hi fi system. There is so much going on int he MA and ACS it's going to take a very long time before i can stop saying "everytime i listen to it, I hear something new". So many layers and sound effects going on and so many layers of how a lot of the songs progress from something good to something some songs sound like 3 really good songs...just short....i got sick of the shorter repetitive tracks from the past few albums. Oh and the way it finishes with Breaking The Same Old Ground....i was worried with the preview of it...but listening in!!! AT the end of it when the music gets so full and big!!! it blew me away...i haven't heard manson have suckh a full yet beautiful sound since tracks like last day on earth and coma white and great big white world...and this even blew them away as far as full sound goes...There are only two tracks that don't excite me from Born Villain but they are still very good...still better than the last 3 albums in my oppinion and that's lay down your goddamn arms and disengaged....i like them...they just aren't as amazing as the rest for me...i didn't think i was able to be impressed by a Manson album like back in the day ever again. I thought it was just me. I love the high end of low....but i quickly got over it so to speak....just like tgaog. Born Villain is the album I've needed since 1999.

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    This album DEFINITELY gives Holy Wood a run for it's money and I LOVE Holy Wood.
    This is everything I like about Manson- dirty guitars, interesting lyrics, fucking-your-mother bass, orgasmic keys and layers, little sounds and samples here and there during random parts of different songs, beat driven funky danceable head banging riffs and beats.... what else am I missing here?
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    So this is my second listen, and my first listen while paying any real attention.

    Hey, Cruel World... - Helicopter propellors. Fuzz. Unintimidating intro. Pow, turn it up to 11 and start the show. Manson isn't fucking around. Catchy chorus. Manson belting out a hell of a scream towards the end. [9/10]

    No Reflection - Another catchy chorus. Wailing. Music complements the vocals greatly. [8/10]

    Pistol Whipped - Intro too long and annoying. Bass line sets the mood nicely. Manson has great delivery. Higher-pitched backing vocals sound great. Cock-cock-cock cock it. Some mediocre lyrics, but the delivery makes up for it, especially coupled with that bass line. Drum machine is somewhat annoying. [8/10]

    Overneath The Path Of Misery - Gnarly intro. Very 'Portrait'. Better lyrics. Music is excellent. This song would sound so much better with a real drum kit. "I can never leave." Fantastic wailing delivery. He was right, this sounds much better than the version we heard before. [9/10]

    Slo-mo-tion - More funky bass. At first, I didn't think the delivery fit the music, but the contrast is somewhat refreshing. Another song that would sound better with real drums. Manson's delivery is straight up 'Eat Me, Drink Me'. "I can't feel your tits with my brand new camera equipped with a flash." Please, no, never again. "I hate you all and somehow you find me incredibly charming." I can appreciate that. [7/10]

    The Gardener - Another spoken intro. Okay then... Oh wait, it's all spoken? Alright, let's see how this goes. I appreciate the message, but the lyrics seem a bit pedestrian for Manson. I guess it's fitting that he's just speaking them, as opposed to singing. Ohhh, the chorus. I can definitely dig it. "A muse, your amusement, I am used." That's more like it. "Your book isn't burned, it was never written." His delivery of that line is just fucking awesome. [7/10]

    The Flowers Of Evil - Intro is channeling 'Holy Wood', that's for sure. More superb bass. Excellent delivery of the first verse. Wow. The chorus is nice, but doesn't compare to the delivery of the verses. The music in the whole song is very 'Holy Wood'. [9/10]

    Children of Cain - Interesting track. It stands out so far, not necessarily in a bad way. The delivery or vocals or music aren't all that amazing, but it sticks out to me for some reason. Maybe because it's the worst song so far? Which is strange, because I think it has the best lyrics thus far out of every song I've heard. [6/10]

    Disengaged - The lyrics are nice, though I can't say I'm a huge fan of the delivery. The chorus picks it back up nicely. The worst track on the album so far, still pretty good though. [6/10]

    Lay Down Your God Damn Arms - Manson sounds a bit 'slurry' singing this one. The chorus is excellent. Not a huge fan of the delivery in the verses. Overall, mostly 'meh'. [7/10]

    Murderers Are Getting Prettier Every Day - Damn. Wow. Fuck. Christ. [10/10]

    Born Villain - Interesting intro to a song. Almost sounds like a rap song. The "become become become" bit is fantastic, but it is definitely helped out by that bass line. The music in this song really sticks out so far, it's amazing. Very good. [9/10]

    Breaking The Same Old Ground - I dig the music-box intro. Can't say I dig much else. Seems to be a staple 'slow, emotional' Manson track. I like the music a lot, but Manson's vocals and delivery don't do much for me. Lyrics are pretty mediocre overall. [6/10]

    Overall: I'm fairly impressed. Out of Manson's lyrics, vocals, and the music - the music is easily the strong point. Manson's delivery was changed up a bit from song to song, and it was very refreshing. I expect a lot better out of him lyrically, so I wasn't quite as impressed as I'd like to have been in that aspect. Averaging out my scores and rounding up, we get [8/10]. Good shit.

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    God, better than anything outside the tryptich, and seriously threatening MA's third place in my opinion. Really impressing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adonai View Post
    My review of Born Villain:
    This is an album of long intros! Almost every song has some long intro or segue, but that seems to be
    forgivable because the music is just fantastic all the way through. I agree it's almost like listening to
    Manson for the first time. Some of the lyrics I didn't like so much. Among other things, the record does talk
    a lot about books, flowers, relationships, and women (even though Manson amazingly says "she" and "her" in
    only one song. I think.) But I still feel like "Can we please just move on and talk about something else
    other than all that crap? Please?"
    The intros to songs is what was missing on his last album.. POAAF had so many intros as does most of his albums. Only album really lacking intros was HEOL and that album had no flow.

    I have not heard the album yet and I am waiting to until my copy gets to my house in about 7 hours or so. But thanks for the review.

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    Hey, Cruel World... - 8/10
    A great start filled with an onslaught of sounds of distorted soul fire.

    No Reflection - 6/10
    "The standard over played single of the album" A good song but far from the best on the album in retrospect.

    Pistol Whipped - 7.5/10
    Cool intro but a bit too long, wish it had more lyrics but the vocal backup layers and music make a funky fun song.

    Overneath The Path Of Misery - 9/10
    Beat driven chaos with awesome lyrics. My new ringtone

    Slo-mo-tion - 10/10
    A--FUCK--ING-MA-ZING. Sexy, Dirty Dance, Catchy willed with beautiful layers of melody.

    The Gardener - 8/10
    Very interesting sporadic music. I love the fa-fa-fake part and of course the "your book" part.

    The Flowers Of Evil - 10/10
    Fucking love this song. Lyrics sorta remind me of Sopor Aeternus.

    Children of Cain - 9.5/10
    The keys, the lyrics, the beat.... oh my!

    Disengaged - 9.5/10
    Diamond Bullet. Love the songs, beats, riffs, lyrics...

    Lay Down Your God Damn Arms - 8.5/10
    A great fun drinking song with a interesting riff and some interesting musical elements.

    Murderers Are Getting Prettier Every Day - 9/10
    Astonishing Burning Flag. Killer beat, awesome solo.

    Born Villain - 10/10
    Another sexy song. The beat, the music, the improved "If I Was Your Vampire" riff.... WOW!!

    Breaking The Same Old Ground - 9/10
    Beautiful song, just wish it had more lyrics. LOVE THE OUTRO.

    You're So Vain - 8.5/10
    Fun cover! I love the vibe of it.. so laid back rock n roll!


    This pistol whips Holy Wood around for a spot in between ACSS and MA as 3 of the most innovative and enjoyable Manson albums.
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