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Thread: Do you believe Manson's antics in Portrait and Smells like Children crossed the line?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emma View Post
    Absolutley agreed - the rib removal was funny, if slightly annoying, but to think this is a rumor that should be given credibility, is not good in my honest opinion
    I'm assuming Blangsip is a troll and the questions he/she posed were designed to incite, but it's ironic that person would start a thread entitled "...crossing the line..." while suggesting Manson engaged in perverse acts with children. Then there's the thinly veiled asphyxiation accusation.

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    This is the what the fuck post of the week. For sure. Just because Manson is above the law and how small the group was back then so they totally could hide behind a curtain of lawyers and a huge record company like in the ACSS days. Not to mention the video proof above as well from all the boot legs kicking around from that era thanks to Sevens fantastic site.

    As far as abusing other band members, sometimes that is expected. I was in a band (that I got kicked out of) because I was inspired by Mansons antics and lit the shoes of our guitar player on fire. twice. I was responsible about it, I had a CO2 extinguisher on hand. I was the singer and funny thing is the band fell apart when they booted me.

    Controversy sells. I would love to be in a band again and be destroyed on stage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Empirical Guy View Post
    I believe his nostrils crossed the lines many times.

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    hahaha, Manson pushed the bottoms and crossed the line yea,but as for underage te en girls I don't think so.Man, he swore to Jesus he didn't LOL (not kidding), check Melbourne's concert which seven uploaded here to be sure.I miss the days where Manson could strip on stage and have things done by twiggy, these were the days,I guess now Manson is just more mature.

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    Well, uh, no.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blangsip View Post
    Do you believe manson crossed the line during the stages?

    There are truths of band member abuse

    sex or mild abuse with mid teens perhaps underage (correct me if i'm wrong)

    Their is an element of egoism in Laveyian Satanism that manson embraced more at that time that he might have used in a negative and decitful way with his fans and others.

    asphyxiation photos (fake?)

    and a few other things.

    I personally don't judge or care what he did but i'm just wondering what you guys think
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    ^ OMG.

    Marilyn Manson always "crosses the line."

    EDIT: Mom, what are you doing on my forum?!

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    No and he needs to release Groupie.

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    this reminds me of that TNA slogan... "TNA WRESTLING: CROSS THE LINE"

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    Oh look another thread based on rumors. And fuck, so what if he's LaVeyan? I despise this thread!

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