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Thread: Do You Consider Born Villain A Comeback Record? [poll included]

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    I think of it as a comeback in terms of being a continuation of High End of Low, HEOL and Born Villian work well together as a pairing. I think the only thing he's made a comeback on is his emotional state and his since of worth, which has changed his attitude toward his life.

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    As this tour comes to a close, and as we look back on the the Born Villain era as a whole (album, videos, tour, interviews), it's pretty safe to say that yes, Manson is "back".
    People are talking about him again. Critics and fans have been reminded that MM can still kick your ass with a live show, make you laugh, and creep you out all at once.

    The beginning of the tour started off a little rough, yes. Manson had to shake off the sludge from his isolation, but ever since it hit full swing it's been up hill ever since. One thing people keep forgetting is that Manson had to start the band from scratch, which is never easy for any musician. It's all come together quite nicely, with that in mind.

    Now that the MM machine has its balls back, I'd like to think that the next album is already written, at least in a conceptual/intellectual sense. Every album's tour seems to shape the style and direction of the next; Manson said that Mechanical Animals was reflecting how he felt at the end of the ACSS tour, so it's safe to say the band already has a good idea of what direction they're going next.

    With all that considered, and the fact that MM as an entity had become very confused and misguided for a few years, one can't deny that the BV era has helped Manson get back to what made him great in the first place. Old fans are pleased, new ones are coming, and even better music is undoubtedly around the corner.
    LSS; Yes, I consider it a comeback.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EvilDead View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by OmegasTits View Post
    When Manson said that this was going to be his "comeback", I thought it would go something like this...

    wow.. why come on here and post if all you do is bitch.. if you don't like it go away

    I have looked at everyone of your posts and they all have some negative aspect to each post.
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    Something else I would like to say is that what BV lacked is what EMDM and THEOL had, and what they had is what BV lacked. While musically, EMDM and THEOL had very good song structure (EMDM especially) and had a polished sound to it...but it wasn't heavy enough. EMDM was clean, smooth, and had a clear message-he was hurting and wanted us to know. But at the same time, being Marilyn Manson, I didn't want an album about being hurt and whining over his ex. I'd rather hear an album about being hurt and *FUCK YOU! !!heavy distorted guitar riff with metal-on-metal industrial beats and obscenities*. BV is the *FUCK YOU* and the edginess that I wanted, but the music is dull, sloppy, and boring. It sounds like shit, I'm sorry Manson. You should have made this album while you were still signed with interscope, and not record an album in a rented out apartment.

    I hope you soon realize that the Manson we knew from the Triptych days is the Manson we want back. Either that or you simply don't care, you'll make an album that makes you happy, and I respect that. But know this: When you start out as a no-compromise shock rocker, from ripping up bibles and wiping his ass with the american flag singing songs like Astonishing Panorama of the End Times , to a wailing, drugged out train wreck singing sappy ballads like "Running to the Edge of the World", you are going to lose fans.

    You are an entertainer.

    We want to be entertained.

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    We've been getting new members and I'm curious as to what they think. Vote now and comment!

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    Even from not looking into it that much, it really does look like Marilyn Manson was definitely more into Born Villain than both Eat Me, Drink Me and The High End of Low, without even saying it.

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