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Thread: Lucid Dreaming

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sixteen Saltines View Post
    Anyone else like, way into this? The ability to manipulate your dreams is an amazing one, IMO. To make anything happen, with anyone (if you know what I mean). Personally, I have had several of these and definitely use them to my advantage. There are a few tips you can google, for those who are interested in practicing. Practice makes perfect. :]

    Also, has anyone else had any experience with sleep paralysis? I have experienced it a few times recently and the first time, it scared the shit out of me. Not being able to move is a terrifying feeling.

    I'm also curious to hear any night terror stories. I'm occasionally afflicted by these as well.
    I have sleep paralysis episodes at least once every week or two.

    I've found the best way to enter a lucid dream state or to experience astral projection is to focus on breathing and counting my breaths while counting them up to ten and then back down to one. This way you can tell if you're starting to slip if you count over 'ten'. As you do this your conscious mind is capable of remaining awake while the rest of your body falls asleep. This usually causes a few phenomena such as strange sounds and voices or a falling sensation as your body falls asleep and your mind retains consciousness. It can be uncomfortable at first and sometimes you may just fall into normal sleep but when it works you should have good control over your dreams and be completely aware that you are asleep and dreaming.

    And yes, I utilize this technique at times for the sole purpose of wandering around caressing dream-boobies.

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    I was on medication that made my dreams more vivid and realistic actually. Near the middle of them I would be able to take control of it because I was sleeping more lightly. It's really interesting how it works. Sometimes I realize I am dreaming with in the dream and I'm able to control outcomes of any situation I am in at the time.

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    Have you ever wondered what would happen if you truly fell asleep in your dream? I've only tried it twice, since I can never seem to remember to do it when I know I'm dreaming--wrapped up in the other things I want to do.

    The first time, I lied down on a bed to sleep and I suddenly was thrown across the globe and I opened m eyes and I was travelling at a very fast speed through the air. No success.

    The second time, I lied down on particularly my bed to sleep and it was like there was someone who was preventing me from reaching a sleeping state. After I closed my eyes, a large figure was yelling and preventing me from falling asleep. Needless to say, he made me open my eyes. And so I jumped out the 2nd story window and ran around bludgeoning people, and went to a local grocerystore and trashing it when I found a nearby female...

    Have any of you tried to fall asleep in your dream? And if so, what happened?
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    ^It leads to bed wetting.

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    Never fall asleep in a dream, but I woke up from dream and then I figured out I woke up only in my dream.
    This was really weird, cos I thought it's morning and I started packing to school then my alarm really woke me up x3 It happened few times and I was always like 'WTF, I just got up'
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    I have lucid dreams very often, at least once a week. Sleep paralysis is something I've encountered once and would rather not again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sans Agendum View Post
    And yes, I utilize this technique at times for the sole purpose of wandering around caressing dream-boobies.
    I'm going to caress your dream-boobies tonight. >]
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    I managed lucid dreaming once. I'm quite interested in it and would like to practice and get better at it but unfortunately the techniques I've read up on all require some sort of stability and regular sleeping patterns. Seeing as my sleep schedule is shot to all hell and back, it hasn't really happened. It did happen once where I was having a dream where I was being chased, and realized it was a dream, so I escaped by running through a locked door. I knew it was only a dream door and passed through like a ghost, but apparently my pursuer didn't get the dream memo and got stuck on the other side.

    I've had a sort-of sleep paralysis once. I was asleep and having a dream, which I thought was real, but was also concious enough to register things around me in the real world - like the arm over me that belonged to the person in bed with me. Unfortunately, this same person decided to pop up in my dream, leading to an uncomfortable situation where I thought "If they're here (by "here" meaning whatever it was we were doing in my dream, I can't remember now), then who the hell is this laying next to me?" I was unable to roll over and check and started freaking out quite severely, apparently calling out in my sleep loud enough to wake people in other rooms of the house - though somehow, not the person next to me.
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    From my sleep paralysis episode they always sort of happen the same way. I'll notice I'm awake but cannot move and there's the sense that there's some sort of foreboding presence entering the room. It's a tangible feeling of dread that sort of creeps right into you. Then if I can't wake up I'll audibly hear someone walking over to where I'm laying down and start breathing in my ear and telling me in a frantic whisper to lay still and I'll feel hands on my legs or get the feeling that there's something sitting down on my chest. If I can get my eyes open I'll see shadows and stuff. It's kind of like in the song "Black Sabbath".

    One time I just decided to go along with the experience instead of resisting. It went on for at least 10 minutes and I just kind of accepted the 'dread' feelings and rode it out like a spooky amusement park ride. The next day I was DRAINED. I went back to bed and slept for at least 9 hours. Which makes me wonder if there's something to the whole Alps myth. As if something was draining my energy and feeding off of me somehow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sans Agendum View Post
    Which makes me wonder if there's something to the whole Alps myth. As if something was draining my energy and feeding off of me somehow.
    Well there's one thing I know about this sort of thing. If current scientific knowledge doesn't have an immediate answer for a phenomenon, the only possible explanation is a metaphysical one.

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