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Thread: Post your recent purchases!

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    I am another yourself. Dronepool's Avatar
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    aw FYH, it was no problem at all and great meeting your awesome self :)

    BTW, you should go to the store on the corner of St. Marks, they have this-

    Which I bought on my way home on Sunday.
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    Scentless Apprentice's Avatar
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    That is a sick ass patch!!!!!!! Cool of Drone to do that.

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    BC Rich Son of Beast Avenger

    Now Iím just about broke again. Oh well :)

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    Fire Treasure yuzukelly's Avatar
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    FINALLY got a new sketchbook!!! I like the ones that have the wire on the side, but due to my lack of money, I like it lol! Only have one thing in there so far, but I don't feel like posting it. I took a pic and it looks so bad, but it looks ok in person? It's weird lol! I'm going to be honest, I know next to nothing about types of paper, I used to look things up and know little bits but I just got to not caring as much and use whatever I have!:P I needed some new pink colored pencils, because even though it's my favorite color, I barely have any because all the pink pencils I have are shit! The lead constantly breaks. (I actually discovered 2 more sets of colored pencils I had stashed away, so I'm excited!) but getting back on the topic of paper, I bought that artagain paper because it was black, and I couldnt find the black paper I had. I plan to do some portraits with colored pencils and this paper. If I like it enough, I might buy bigger packs :)

    Also, I wanted to paint my nails teal, so I bought some cheap polish *^^* I was refraining to buy these things, but I went out with friends and I just ended up getting these. I'm supported with an allowance from my dad(and I live with mom), and he's been having money troubles so I have not been getting any, but when he can he tells me to save it for school. I have liked a boy for a few months, so I wanted to get some new clothes to look nicer(that's what the money I bought these with were supposed to go to, but no one has taken me to get clothes...). Most of the clothes I have are just MM shirts and black pants. With my body type it's not too cute :P So I'm thinking of getting a part time job, and anyways hopefully my next new purchase will be some cute clothes :) Thrift store and Old navy clearance, I'm looking at you!
    my sig is gone !!

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    Allycat's Avatar
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    Bauhaus & David Bowie. Yum.

    I'd bought an old fashioned handset for my cell. Now I have to buy an adopted to hook the mofo up. It's never easy, lol. ( I detest ear buds and the blue tooth over the ear headsets. Both are uncomfortable for me).

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    Improbability Blotter sayyosin's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by SysteMM View Post
    I hate that you didn't buy those albums because you enjoy them, you bought them because you want to look like a pretentious artsy faggot who still buys records of glam & goth rock bands.
    Just for the 'record,' those albums are my favorite and I enjoy them very much.

    I recently bought some of these on a road trip to central FL.

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    Amputated Limbo ThreeEyedGod's Avatar
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    just scored some dank ass blow.

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    strange, deranged
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    New grinder w/ kief catcher
    New batteries for my magic flight
    stash box

    photographer, drug fiend.

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    uʍouʞun Username's Avatar
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    The below purchase has been completed 10 minutes ago through amazon.


    RAM: 16 GB
    Hard-Disk: 750 GB
    OS: Windows 7 Premium
    Processor: intel Core i7
    Frequency: 2.2 GHz
    Graphics Card: nvidia GeForce GTX 560M
    Dedicated graphic RAM: 3072Mb


    Protest the Hero: Fortress

    NIN: Ghosts I - IV

    QOTSA: Lullabyes to Paralyze

    NIN: Pretty Hate Machine

    Puscifer: Conditions of My Parole
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    uʍouʞun Username's Avatar
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    Double post because I care :

    "Transmetropolitan, BK05: lonely city"
    "Transmetropolitan Vol. 01: Back on the Street (Vertigo)"
    "The Cure (Transmetropolitan)"
    "Transmetropolitan Vol. 02: Lust for Life (Vertigo)"
    "Transmetropolitan Vol. 04: The New Scum (Vertigo)"
    "Spider's Thrash (Transmetropolitan)"
    "Transmetropolitan Vol. 03: Year of the Bastard (Vertigo)"
    "Transmetropolitan, Volume 6: Gouge Away"
    "Transmetropolitan Vol. 8: Dirge (New Edition)"


    "Walking Dead Hc 01
    "Walking Dead Hc 02
    "Walking Dead Hc 03
    "Walking Dead Hc 04
    "Walking Dead Hc 05
    "Walking Dead Hc 06
    "Walking Dead Hc 07

    That's it. No more spending.

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