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Thread: [095]: Nov 29 2012 - NIA - Birmingham, England, UK

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    So glad MM is wearing the AIDS tie, a beautiful addition

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    that is freakin awesome
    Quote Originally Posted by Norsefire View Post
    Another great show. Just got home and I'm off to bed.

    Manson is wearing the tie I designed when he performs Personal Jesus. Keep an eye out for it! I can't quite believe it lol!

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    From all the 3shows in England, this is "the worst one" for me.

    Not because Manson wasn't commited (quite the opposite), but it is really annoying when the space from the stage to the crowd is like 2-3meters... how can he engage with the audience when he is standing so far from the audience (and I am not talking about stunts like Rob Zombie did of walking in the fences)??? It is really a climax breaker to see him playing to far from the crowd

    The other negative side of today's show, was that someone completely messed up by the end of Manson's show. He was still down on the stage, "smashing" the drums, and he was completely caught by surprise when "you're so vain" started playing really loud - his face looked like he was completely astonished by what was happening... and this, even before he had made time to say goodbye to the crowd and for TBP to be finished...

    Also, and apart from the tie, it was nice to see him use new props during No Reflection, TBP and was that a bible during AS or a random book???

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    I just saw this on Tumblr...

    The Last Thing Manson Told Me:
    To my dad: “She’s a good kid”
    To me: “Don’t grow up to like a man like me. Be with someone like your dad, he’s a good person”

    I don't know, I think it's sweet the way he talks to some of his fans, particularly his younger ones. That story about what he said to that 13 year old girl? I wish he'd put that forth in more interviews nowadays.

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    "Marilyn Manson's Twiggy, Jason Sutter & Fred Sablan. Amazing night........."

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    Quote Originally Posted by pflumtamas View Post

    "Marilyn Manson's Twiggy, Jason Sutter & Fred Sablan. Amazing night........."
    I wish Manson could be with them. It would be EPIC

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    Myself and Fred Sablan backstage: (my hair was a bit mental last night - lol!)

    I do have images with myself and John, Rob, PD and Sheri too which I will try and post at some point, just trying to edit down - one of the images got too much light on it.

    EDIT: Here's a quick overview with everyone else.

    The image includes myself with Rob, PD, J5 and Sheri (pic came out too bright) plus my pass and two sets of unused GF drumsticks (he is very shy but an animal on stage).

    Anyway, enjoyed the show, Coma White and Personal Jesus were my fav from Manson and Rob, despite having a real bad throat really blew the place apart. We watched Manson from the crowd and Zombie from the sound booth (sound guys are nuts and entertaining in themselves). We were really looked after by Rob, the band and the crew. Saw Twiggy as he was running past us to go to the bus and on the way back he ran past, but stopped slightly to catch our eye and smile but it was freezing outside and he looked to be getting ready (not long before Manson's set so we didn't bother him).

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    Hey, nice photos!

    Quote Originally Posted by Principiante View Post
    Also, and apart from the tie, it was nice to see him use new props during No Reflection, TBP and was that a bible during AS or a random book???
    New props for No Reflection?? Wow, I need to see this! What were they?

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    I haven't had time to sit and do a write up, but here's some details, I do have pics and videos and again they will come soon.

    I think the mask which I think looks like, or is a rib cage that I think he wore sometimes for ACSS, he wore that for No Reflection and with that wore a black apron. Never seen the black apron used before.

    The Beautiful People had the long pieces of material flowing out of him across the width of the stage. I think someone mentioned he was going to do it, and I think he did it on some US dates. Didn't do it at Manchester so I was pleased to see it at this show.

    Also noticed he was getting out an American flag to wipe over himself during Personal Jesus and also picking up a wedge of american flag flyers and ripping them in half and tossing them into the crowd. Never seen/noticed that happening before, may have just missed it though.

    Gotta say that lighting is much better than at the show I saw in AZ, and also the extra fog/smoke that blows up from different areas of the stage, I liked that.

    I also think he came out singing KK33 with a gas mask on, could be wrong though. Has he been doing this recently?

    Love the opening stage design for this tour, it looked like a Church in ruins to begin with anyway, but now with I guess holes in the floor blasting up smoke and paper littered all over the stage, it really looks good. Actually during The Dope Show at one of the shows, can't remember which he picked up some paper and smeared it on him when he sang "they love you when you're on all the covers..."
    Anyone know what's on all that paper littered all over the stage? Is it pre-printed stuff for MM or what?

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    ^^ He came out with the gas mask during KK33 in Dallas, fucked with Twiggy, then went up to the podium and took it off. LOL!

    Great to see those little new details but it blows my mind that there has been no variation in setlist all tour long!

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