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Thread: [096]: Dec 01 2012 - Rockhal - Luxembourg, Luxembourg

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    Loving that new addition to No Reflection! This was the first show he did this at right?

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    Muddy Knees
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    ^I believe so. Haven't seen it in any of the vids before this show.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terrapin View Post
    Great photos!!

    Heh, he's got spikes on his glasses ...

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    Wow, those photos are amazing, thank you!

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    Thanks for the pics! The show itself was pretty good. I was there, too. I was agreeably surprised with Manson's new costumes and the new setting. Too bad the setlist was kinda short. According to my friends, who spent the show behind the crowd, the atmosphere there was a little weird the public didn't seem really excited. But as for myself, I found it far better than the last show I went to in Paris, last June. On another note, no change had been added to the setlist; it's still the same.

    Also, out of curiosity, did anyone attend to the meet and greet? I honestly was really disappointed. It didn't go as well as my friend and I had expected, especially after reading all the great stories about the M&G in the U.S.

    In a nutshell, the M&G was rushed. We couldn't get to talk to him for more than a few seconds because the staff would pressure us to leave as quickly as he was done signing our stuff, which was frustrating, I couldn't even get him to sign everything that I've brought because I was rushed and it kinda had me stressed. MM himself was kinda cold, he seemed tired and a little annoyed. Twiggy wasn't here for that one but it personally didn't bother me much, however, it was another story for the people who had paid mainly to get a chance to meet Twiggy (I was pretty surprised about that, as it wasn't guarantee that TR would attend to the M&G as well)

    The photoshoot went a little better, although it didn't last for more than literally two minutes and no one could get do the poses they had planned to do, it was basically the same poses on every pictures. Nonetheless, I managed to get five pics taken, including two with my friend and MM. Afterward, since it was my friend's b-day, I told him so and took my courage in both hands and asked him if he would like to hang out after the show with us and stuff (that may sound unappropriate and unpolite but after all we didn't have much to lose haha, after such a shitty day). He said something like "Yes, of course. Ask the lady over there for passes", I didn't get everything he told us because again we were pressured by the staff to leave even though he was still talking to us. I found it pretty rude of them, even if they were in a hurry, they should have had a better organization, people paid this company. Though as we left someone went after us to make sure we get the passes which was nice. But unfortunately, the aftershow was apparently supposed to take place during Rob Zombie was playing and as the security staff at the gig seemed pretty clueless about "after party" and did not understand English nor French very well, we didn't make it, sadly.

    And surprisingly, some people who went there too seemed very pleased with the way the m&g goes, although we also saw a lot of people crying of disappointment once it was done.

    Not to mention, that we had been told last minute that the M&G would be pre-show, which was an inconvenience for my friend ( and probably a few other folks) who had to get new train tickets to be on time as we were expected to be there at half past two instead of an hour before the show to access the gig earlier. I'm not too sure but I also think there had been delay with the M&G, it was originally supposed to start at half past three but it started an hour later or something along those lines; I wouldn't have minded as much if it had not been so terrible. It's an addition of bad points. I would say that even our two minutes encounter with him at the after show in Paris was nicer that this M&G, haha.

    I hope that upcoming M&G will be better than that one for the people here who will be attending to it. Maybe some will say I may have been expected too much out of the M&G. But well, I don't really see the point in meeting an artist if you cannot at least chat/communicate a bit with them and have a little fun, or simply express your appreciation of their work. Goodness. Especially since we paid for this and came all the way from France.
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