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Thread: [098]: Dec 03 2012 - Heineken Music Hall - Amsterdam, Holland

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    Quote Originally Posted by Para-Noir View Post
    DEad body during no reflection
    Haha yes, I guess Manson likes Dexter :P

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    It's not from this show, but you can see the 'dead body' in this video. About 7min

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    Damn it, you people better tell me you did all scream your lungs out for Manson!
    I was, and still am, kind of scared he was so underwhelmed by the audience he left the stage early. I mean, even though the show already would have been really short, and felt that way, Twiggy kind of seemed like he didn't know what was going on immediately when Manson threw his mic on the ground, walked off the stage, and didn't come back.

    Anyway, except for the audience, I loved the show. I loved all the theatrics and costume changes. It was really nice to witness that, as I had only been to The High End of Low tour before which was quite stripped down. I very much enjoyed seeing Twiggy in a sorta dress. I liked that they performed The Dope Show with the 'DRUGS'-sign in the back, because it's classic. And the combination of the fake snow along with Coma White nearly had me crying.
    I myself couldn't really judge what the music sounded like, as I was totally overwhelmed by the volume (I stood really close to the speakers). My boyfriend however, for whom it was the first time on top of being only a mild 'fan', was crazy with excitement about how good they sounded. So I take it they did. :P
    Oh, one little thing about Manson that I didn't like: His in-between talks. They bored me, because it was all about the name of the city and the fact that you can get some drugs legally in our country.

    The wait for Zombie's show to start seemed to take forever and I was starting to get sore which didn't help much either. (Not that the wait for Manson's show with that horribly boring DJ was much better.)
    I must say that I was impressed by the stage pressense of both Rob and John and that Zombie's show, visually, was really great.
    However, as I mostly just cared about John and Ginger anyway, and the near-to-the-stage spot that I had been standing in had gotten really crowded (plus that there was a tall guy in my vicinity who was getting quite... enthusiastic, exposing me to the danger of getting hurt, which I not particularily like :P), I moved away after two songs.
    I stood by the side for a while, then went to the merch stand, had my boyfriend buy something, went back into the concert hall, stood watching a bit longer, went back to the merch stand, bought an overly-expensive shirt myself, and left.
    I guess I left early because I was tired/sore, had been requested to meet the person who was supposed to drive me home at 10.30, because I was a bit sad about possibly having dissappointed Manson/the short span of his show, and not really liking Zombie's music (it doesn't sound bad or something, but it seems so empty... it seems like a joke to me).

    Over all, I had a good time.
    "Doing interviews is just as important as writing a song. A lot of people just don't take things like that as seriously, but in the end it has to be." - Marilyn Manson, Metal Edge, July 1999.
    What happened, Manson?

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    Dr. Cockandballs Para-Noir's Avatar
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    Intro/Hey Cruel World (when did they change the intro??)

    Coma White


    As you can see at 2:00 someone (from the crew or something) is filming He didn't do that the full show though
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    204863 Zsa Zsa's Avatar
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    Woah, the Macbeth quote from Overneath is being used like the Prelude (A Family Trip) used to be used? That's fucking awesome.

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    Muddy Knees
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    Using the Macbeth quote is a nice touch. Glad he incorporated it.

    This YouTube user uploaded every song from both groups. Don't forget to set it to 720p:

    Hey, Cruel World

    Disposable Teens

    Love Song

    No Reflection


    Dope Show


    Rock is Dead

    Personal Jesus

    Sweet Dreams

    Coma White

    Antichrist Superstar

    Beautiful People

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    Has it struck anybody that the first and last words Marilyn Manson utters in his performance is
    "Hey, people!"

    Also, what's he doing with that body? It looks like a naked woman from far away, what is it?

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    "Captain Aids"
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    I like the use of the quote at the beginning, great stuff!

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    Muddy Knees
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    Amazing, the intro that way connects the suspiria theme with the whole show!! Very clever, hope he maintains it this way, it's brilliant!

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