Back in '03, I really didn't go on messageboards or bands' websites so I really wasn't up to snuff on the band's latest happenings. On a site like Amazon, I had seen a pre-order or ad for The Golden Age of Grotesque which featured different artwork than what would later grace the album's cover. I was excited for a new Manson album as even though I had been a fan for a number of years, it was really around '02/'03 that I had become a devoted fan being that I had more more access to the internet and had money to buy his CDs. Soon after I remember seeing the video for mOBSCENE when it premiered and even though I thought it was a fairly good song, there was just so much that was different about the band that it was hard for me to wrap my head around and nearing the end, it really hit me when I realized that Twiggy wasn't even in the video. I had taped the song off the TV and I had to re-watch it just to make sure I hadn't missed him.

I'm glad he's back as I always felt that his style of writing was best suited for Marilyn Manson, more so than the likes of John 5, Skold etc.