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Thread: Ideal Manson Tour Setlist

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    Quote Originally Posted by NapalmHeart View Post
    Realistic dream setlist based on the 2014 tour:

    Angel With The Scabbed Wings
    Get Your Gunn
    Great Big White World
    Little Horn
    The Fight Song
    Hey, Cruel World…
    Mister Superstar
    Personal Jesus
    The Dope Show
    The Nobodies
    Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
    This Is The New Shit
    Coma White/Coma Black
    Antichrist Superstar
    The Beautiful People
    Irresponsible Hate Anthem
    A few years ago, I would have laughed my ass off at this setlist. It's pretty cool looking back at all the shit that has made it's return since the dark ages of 2007. I remember practically shitting myself with excitement when I read Cruci-Fiction in Space and Coma White made their returns on January 19th, 2008. I remember constantly watching the video of the first performance of King Kill 33 like an absolute lunatic, or staying up until 6 in the morning to see the setlist for the Masters of Madness tour, and becoming so goddamn excited I couldn't sit still when I saw Angel With The Scabbed Wings was opening. I, also, could not stop grinning when I was present at the show where Prelude (The Family Trip) was performed as an interlude to mOBSCENE.

    I think fans should quit bitching about the setlist, especially since we've been pretty fucking lucky when it comes to rarities since Twiggy came back in 08. Shit, it's 2014, and Get Your Gunn made it's return in almost a decade. Maybe it's finally time for Cake and Sodomy to return.

    EDIT: I completely forgot to mention, this setlist kicks ass. I'd be pumped if I saw even half of this show live.

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    2.Astonishing Panorama of the Endtimes
    3.Dope Hat
    4.Mechanical Animals
    5.I Want to Disappear
    6.Eat Me Drink Me
    7.Cake and Sodomy
    9.Target Audience
    10.Burning Flag
    11.The Gardener
    12. Use Your Fist and Not Your Mouth
    14.I Have to Look Up Just to See Hell
    15.Into the Fire
    16. Misery Machine

    Man i remember twelve years ago when i bought my first Manson album, holy wood.
    The first song i ever heard from him was GodEatGod and it's been my favorite ever since.
    To open the show with that would probably kill me because of excitment.
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    Relfecting God
    Great Big White World
    Get Your Gunn
    Disposable Teens
    Mechanical Animals
    Sweet Dreams
    Speed Of Pain
    Fight Song
    No Reflection
    Little Horn
    Target Audience
    Dope Show
    Mister Superstar
    In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death
    I Dont Like The Drugs
    Rock N Roll Nigger
    The Beautiful People
    Im An Entity In Which Is Invisible To Mankind...

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    I'm not gonna give a list and just kinda beat around the bush a bit. I think it should be a healthy mix of rarities and old stuff then some new songs as well. I mean I'd lose it if I looked on YouTube or better yet was at a concert and he played Dope Hat again. You have no idea how happy I'd be.
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    01. Angel With The Scabbed Wings - Coming down stairs just like the DTTW Tour except dressed as The Worm with wings
    02. Kinderfeld - Still dressed as The Worm with wings
    03. Long Hard Road Out of Hell
    04. Use Your Fist And Not Your Mouth
    05. Vodevil
    06. Mechanical Animals
    07. The Love Song - Giant gun crucifix in the background
    08. Great Big White World
    09. Dried Up, Tied Up and Dead To The World
    10. Mister Superstar
    11. Paranoiac Intro/Para-noir - With the conjoined girls just like during the Grotesk Burlesk Tour
    12. Cruci-Fiction In Space - Rising platform with Holy Wood sign in the background
    13. Tourniquet - Stilts
    14. Spade
    15. Thrift/Lunchbox
    16. The Last Day On Earth
    17. Valentine's Day - Flashes of Coma White and The Worm on screen during the "I saw that pregnant girl today" verse
    18. The Fall of Adam - Podium during the "do you love your guns, your god and your government" part
    19. Antichrist Superstar - Podium. Maybe some good old bible ripping for old times sake

    Extremely unrealistic but I like it. Completely lacking the over played singles but that's what I'd ask for if I could choose. Wish I could fit more stuff like Target Audience, Apple of Sodom, Cake & Sodomy, Organ Grinder and Diary of a Dope Fiend but then it'd just be way too long.

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    Intro: In The Shadow Valley of the Death
    1: Reflecting God
    2: Putting Holes in Happiness
    3: Killing Strangers
    4: Third Day of the Seven Day Binge
    5: Cupid Carries a Gun
    6: Great Big White World
    7: Astonishing Panorama of the End Times
    8: Coma White/Black
    9: Speed of Pain
    10: Get Your Gunn
    11: Lunchbox
    12: Arma-Goddamn-Motherfuckin-Geddon
    13: Sweet Dreams (Hell Outro)
    14: Nobodies
    15: Fight Song
    16: Cruci-Fiction in Space
    17: Angel With Scabbed Wings (Mister Superstar intro)
    18: Beautiful People
    19: Iresponsible Hate Anthem (Count to Six and Die intro)
    20: Antichrist Superstar (GodEatGod intro, Reflecting God outro)

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    Lakme (The Flower Duet) Intro
    1. Angel With the Scabbed Wings
    2. Disposable Teens
    3. Deep Six
    4. Great Big White World
    5. Third Day of a Seven Day Binge
    6. Little Horn
    Prelude (The Family Trip) - Spoken Word
    7. mOBSCENE
    8. The Fight Song
    9. Hey Cruel World. . .
    10. The Dope Show
    11. Sweet Dreams/Rock and Roll Nigga
    12. Lunchbox
    13. This is the New Shit
    14. Cruci-fiction in Inner Space
    15. Coma White/Coma Black
    16. Dried Up, Tied and Dead to the World
    17. King Kill 33
    18. Antichrist Superstar
    19. The Beautiful People

    Count to Six and Die Intro
    20. Irresponsible Hate Anthem
    21. If I Was Your Vampire
    22. The Reflecting God
    Machine Gun Outro
    "When We're Dead They'll Know Just Who We Are"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scottyxander View Post
    18. The Fall of Adam - Podium during the "do you love your guns, your god and your government" part
    19. Antichrist Superstar - Podium. Maybe some good old bible ripping for old times sake.
    I always thought too that the Fall of Adam would make a great Intro to Antichrist Superstar. The podium coming out during the "Guns, God, and government" part, and, when the song ends, immediately start ACSS. Would be so badass.

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    What I would like is for Manson to tour solely on the strength of a new album, playing only the bare minimum of hit singles - "The Beautiful People", "The Dope Show", "Disposable Teens", and everything else taken straight off the most recent release. But Manson stopped being interested in doing that years ago.

    So this is my attempt to construct a semi-realistic setlist, with two aims in mind:

    1. Deliver a mix of rarities and concert staples to fans of every stripe.
    2. Produce a show that Manson can perform, front to back, without any risk of fucking up.

    I will not include any tracks off The Pale Emperor. THEOL and EMDM are also probably pipe-dreams, and I don't give a shit about hearing anything off the former live anyway. I apologize for the drunken ramble.

    I'll give my rationale for the more outre choices when I get to them:

    1. Intro ("Repent"/"The Flower Duet"/"Suspiria"/whatever is going at the moment)

    2. "Angel With The Scabbed Wings" - great opener, high energy, unheard of between 1997 and now. Keep it.

    3. "No Reflection" - a fine live single, not overplayed, I don't want Born Villain to disappear down the set-list rabbit hole the way past albums have.

    4. "The Love Song" - I loved when this was brought back a few years ago. It's a great 'heavy' Manson track that isn't hard on the vox.

    5. "I Don't Like The Drugs (But The Drugs Like Me)" - this was a charting hit single off of Manson's second-most successful record. No, it didn't get the airplay of "The Dope Show" or "Rock Is Dead", but it did enter the public consciousness nevertheless, and it would break up the monotony of the same two MA songs being played on every tour since that era. There is no excuse for this song not having been performed since the Rock Is Dead tour, nor for it being absent from Lest We Forget. And it makes sense performance-wise: it's not as vocally harsh a track as "Rock Is Dead", and the back-up singers - which could be prerecorded if there isn't money to hire singers - would give Manson a breather.

    I am religious about this one. I'm not even a major fan of the song, but it needs presence.

    6. "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)" - since we're never going to actually get the fucking thing off the set, stick it in the first third. If Manson were ever willing to drop it, insert "I Put A Spell On You" here instead.

    7. "mOBSCENE" - we're lucky this one stuck around after Twiggy returned. Keep it.

    Now that most of the mandatory space for singles is out of the way...

    8. "In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death" or "Disassociative" - a soft rarity ought to go here. We're approaching the midpoint of the show, time to take a breather.

    9. "Little Horn" - it's still a surprise to me, and we need a high energy track right around here.

    10. "Cruci-Fiction In Space" or "User Friendly" - a heavy rarity; whichever one is used ought to come off the album that didn't make the cut for song eight. Neither requires much screaming.

    11. "Slo-Mo-Tion" - again, Born Villain deserves representation, it's not a terribly hard song on the vox, and we're probably never going to see anything from EMDM or THEOL live again.

    12. "The Nobodies" - utterly no reason for this track to be off any Manson live set ever.

    13. "Coma White/Coma Black" - this really should become a staple. Manson performs them both pretty flawlessly. This would be a good 'breather' section if you extend some of the instrumentals.

    14. "Irresponsible Hate Anthem" - go for broke on this one. We're towards the end of the show now anyway, so just get chaotic.

    15. "The Beautiful People" - because we're never fucking going to get rid of it. If Manson were willing to ever drop it, insert "Tourniquet" between one of the songs above.

    There's fourteen songs. If the tour is in support of a new record, you can insert two or three singles off the new album anywhere above, depending on their style. The trick is to separate out the harsh vocal songs without weakening the set - use those heavy songs that don't rely on screaming.

    Being realistic, we're never going to see a full Portrait track again, and to be honest, that doesn't really bother me much. If one makes it onto a set as a one-off or something, it ought to be "Dope Hat", which I'm betting would actually work better with Manson's aged, raspier vocals over it.

    EDIT: Wait lol, they're playing "Get Your Gunn" again. Still, get that shit off the set and get "Dope Hat" on. I think he could handle it a lot better.

    Also: get a goddamn prerecorded back-up on some of the multitracked songs.
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    1. Killing Strangers
    2. Deep Six
    3. Third Day of a Seven Day Binge
    4. The Mephistopheles of Los Angeles
    5. Warship My Wreck
    6. Slave Only Dreams To Be King
    7. The Devil Beneath My Feet
    8. Birds of Hell Awaiting
    9. Cupid Carries a Gun
    10. Odds of Even
    11. Day 3
    12. Fated, Faithful, Fatal
    13. Fall of the House of Death
    Memento Mori
    You Pays Your Money, You Takes Your Choice.
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