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Thread: Ideal Manson Tour Setlist

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    I just thought of a chronological setlist that would be quite interesting (or so I think at least):

    1. Prelude/Lunchbox
    2. Dogma

    3. Diary of a Dope Fiend
    4. Rock'n'Roll Nigger
    5. Sweet Dreams/Hell Outro

    6. Antichrist Superstar
    7. Reflecting God
    8. Man that you Fear

    9. Great Big White World
    10. Posthuman
    11. Coma White

    12. Target Audience
    13. Cruci-fiction in space/The Fall of Adam Outro
    14. Lamb of God

    15. mOBSCENE
    16. The Golden Age of Grotesque
    17. Spade

    18. Putting Holes in Happiness
    19. They Said that Hell's not Hot
    20. Eat Me, Drink Me

    21. Devour
    22. Wight Spider
    23. Into the Fire

    24. Overneath the Path of Misery
    25. The Flowers of Evil
    26. Born Villain

    27. Slave Only Dreams to be King
    28. Warship my Wreck/Cupid Carries a Gun
    29. Odds of Even

    In reality I'm afraid a chronological setlist would look like that:

    1. Lunchbox
    2. Sweet Dreams
    3. Beautiful People
    4. Rock is Dead
    5. Disposable Teens
    6. mOBSCENE
    7. EAT ME DRINK ME NEVER HAPPENED, SO: put any single from AS, HW or MA here
    9. No Reflection
    10. Deep Six
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    Introduction Musik - Theme to The Nightmare 0n Elm Street - Song 1. Children 0f Cain / with film projection 0f scene in "Blue Velvet" where Jeffrey Beaumont finds the Ear 2. Wight Spider 3. Flowers 0f Evil 4. I have to Look up just to see HELL 5. Breaking the Same old ground / with film projection of the unused footage of all the mannequin body parts from Orson Welles film "the Lady from Shanghai" - Encore- Marilyn Manson dressed in Judy Garland's Dorothy outfit - Dress , Red Shoes and all performing "Long hard Road out 0f HELL " - Would anyone like to go to this Performance ? I would ! - TFE (23)
    . . the fear takes hold

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    i would just enjoy seeing "sweet dreams" and "rock is dead" abolished from the tour rotation altogether and it would be nice for "beautiful people" to be pushed forward in the set to like it was in the first few shows but that is asking for too much.

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    Here would be my ideal setlist, its older but it's just some of my favorite tunes

    1-Angel With the Scabbed Wings
    2-Cake and Sodomy
    3-Disposable Teens
    4-Dope Hat
    5-Organ Grinder
    7-Misery Machine
    8-Speed of Pain
    9-Little Horn
    10-Dried up,Tied up and dead to the World
    11-Sweet Dreams
    12-Coma White
    13-The Reflecting God
    14-Antichrist Superstar
    15-Hate Anthem
    16-My Monkey
    17-Beautiful People

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    THey need to briing back the reflecting god. That song sounds brutal live.

    1.) KillingStranger
    2.) The Beautiful People
    3.) Disposable Teens
    4.) Slave Only Dreams To Be King
    5.) Cupid Carries A Gun
    6.) The Dope Show
    7.) Mechanical Animals
    8.) Tourniquet
    9.) Angel With The Scabbed Wings
    10.) Sweet Dreams/Rock N Roll Nigger
    11.) Crucifiction In Space
    12.) Lunchbox
    13.) The Reflecting God
    Pick One at the bottom for an encore song

    14.) The Fall Of The House Of Death (Odds Of Even Acoustic)
    15.) Man That You Fear
    16.) Warship My Wreck
    Im An Entity In Which Is Invisible To Mankind...

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    1 - The Gardener
    2 - Born Again
    3 - mOBSCENE
    4- The Nobodies
    5 - AntiChrist Superstar
    6 - Children Of Cain
    7 - Angel with the scabbed Wings
    8 - Warship My Wreck
    9 - Spade
    10 - Slo-mo-tion
    11 - WOW
    12 - The Beautiful People
    13 - The fight Song
    14 - Coma White...and Coma black (because I'm a greedy bitch)
    15 - King Kill33
    16 - Sweet dreams


    17 - Kiddie grinder :-) (i can only wish...)
    18 - Great big white world.

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    (TwentyThree) Two Faced Egg (23)'s Avatar
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    Introduction Musik' - Suspiria
    1.New working of "Prelude/Chocalte Factory" reading
    2. Let Your Ego Die
    3. Junk the Magick Dragon
    4. Born Villain
    5. Golden age of Grotesque
    6. Hell is for Children ( Pan Benatar cover..only in My fantasy though :\ )
    7. Wight Spider
    8. Putting Holes in HaPpiness
    9. Man that You Fear - closing with long sustained noise drones - the end.
    . . the fear takes hold

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    Unrealistic selfish want of mine:

    1. Intro: The High End of Low Live Intro
    2. Deep Six
    3. Born Villain
    5. The Golden Age of Grotesque
    6. In the Shadow of the Valley of Death
    7. Arma Gosh Darn Mother Friggen Geddon
    8. Lamb of God
    9. Third Day of a Seven Day Binge
    10. I Have to Look Up Just to See Hell
    11. Mr. Superstar
    12. Wrapped in Plastic
    13. The Beautiful People (I'm tired of it, but I have to be somewhat realistic)

    Man That You Fear
    Coma Black/Coma White

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    Practical Dream Setlist? I have a few that I think he/they should switch up on different legs of the tour. Either that or mix them up between shows. Have a full catalog ready.

    Header Note; After you release a new record, play more songs, more frequently after you drop it and start the tour.

    1.) Crucifiction in Space
    2.) Four Rusted Horses (Opening Titles Version)
    3.) Killing Strangers
    4.) The Love Song
    5.) Disposable Teens
    7.) Slo Mo Tion
    8.) Tourniquet
    9.) The Dope Show
    10.) Deep Six
    11.) Sweet Dreams (Tyler Bates Acoustic Rendition)
    12.) Nobscene
    13.) Slave Only Dreams to be King
    14.) The Beautiful People


    15.)Antichrist Superstar
    16.) Coma White/Coma Black in their ENTIRETY
    17.) Cake and Sodomy

    ------ Other Encore treats here and there are, but not limited to, Devour, Man that You Fear (More), Great Big White World, Mechanical Animals, Dissassociative, Apple of Sodom, The Fight Song, (S)Aint, Are You the Rabbit, Putting Holes in Happiness, DOPE HAT, Get Your Gunn, (MORE), The Reflecting God, Mister Superstar, (MORE) and either Spade or Vodevil at least ONCE PLEASE! --------

    1.) Deep Six
    2.) Four Rusted Horses (Opening Titles Version
    3. The Beautiful People
    4.) Slave Only Dreams to be King
    5.) Disposable Teens
    6.) mObscene
    7.) Sweet Dreams (Tyler Bates Acoustic Rendition)
    8.)Third Day of a Seven Day Binge
    9.) Tourniquet
    10.) Cupid Carries a Gun
    11.) The Love Song
    12.) If I Was Your Vampire
    13.) The Dope Show
    14.) Speed of Pain

    Encore -

    15.) The Reflecting God
    16.) Antichrist Superstar
    17.) Spade

    1.) Irresponsible Hate Anthem
    2.) Personal Jesus (w/Podium, Strippers, and Black Face Mickey Mouse Ears)
    3.) Third Day of a Seven Day Binge
    4.) The Beautiful People
    5.) Slave Only Dreams to be King
    6.) The Love Song
    7.) The Dope Show
    8.) Rock is Dead
    9.) Sweet Dreams (Tyler Bates Acoustic Rendition)
    10.) Tourniquet
    11.) No Reflection
    12.) Cupid Carries a Gun
    13.) Angel with the Scabbed Wings
    14.) Cake and Sodomy
    15.) Astonishing Panorama of the Endtimes


    16.) Antichrist Superstar
    17.) Man that You Fear
    18.) Warship My Wreck
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    Having had time to digest The Pale Emperor...

    I've set myself three criteria in developing this list.

    1. That it not be significantly longer than a typical contemporary Manson set. If Manson tends to average about sixteen songs on a given tour, as seems to be the case, I'll limit myself to nineteen tracks.

    2. That the set take into account his relatively diminished capacity as a screaming vocalist. Manson could probably blast through a ten-or-twelve song set dominated by the heaviest material in the discography, but I think that most fans, myself included, prefer a longer performance with softer songs punctuating the heavier tracks.

    3. I've written this from the assumption that Manson's touring in support of a new release. So my initial nineteen slots I allotted myself is already diminished.

    Let's see what I can come up with - hopefully a setlist that's both different from the standard singles set and at least marginally realistic. I'm also going to operate under the assumption that POAAF, EMDM, THEOL, and to a lesser extent BV are back on the agenda, however mistaken this assumption assuredly is.

    1. *Heavy lead-off single from new record*
    2. "Deep Six"
    3. "Cake And Sodomy"
    4. "(m)OBSCENE"
    5. "The Dope Show"
    6. *Obligatory softer second single from new record*
    7. "Torniquet"
    8. "The Love Song"
    9. "If I Was Your Vampire"
    10. "Four Rusted Horses"
    11. *New non-single track here*
    12. "The Mephistopheles Of Los Angeles"
    13. "The Nobodies"
    14. "I Don't Like The Drugs (But The Drugs Like Me)"
    15. "Slo-Mo-Tion"
    16. "Irresponsible Hate Anthem"
    17. "The Beautiful People"
    18. "Sweet Dreams"
    19. "Coma White"
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