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Thread: 'Disengaged' & Apocalypse Now

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    Default 'Disengaged' & Apocalypse Now

    Stumbled upon a bit of insight about a few of the lyrics for "Disengaged" recently.

    I finally got the chance to watch Francis Ford Coppala's excellent Apocalypse Now: Redux the other day...and of course we all know Manson's almost certainly seen some form of the film, considering that he'd previously namechecked it on the album immediately preceding Born Villain:

    As if we need a why, I'll be it
    And I'll the who for an APOCALYPSE HOW
    If the world had one neck my hands would be the where
    And I would choke all of you down

    So it perhaps comes as little surprise that Manson's seemingly continued to data-mine the dialogue of the movie for lyrical content, as well.

    Which isn't to suggest that I didn't SIT BOLT UPRIGHT IN WIDE-EYED AND SHOCKED RECOGNITION and practically do a fucking SPIT-TAKE when I got to THIS scene of the movie, mind you!



    But anyway.

    Given the subjects of the song "Disengaged" and Brando's/Kurtz's monologue (and indeed the movie's inspiration from Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness itself) -- especially in conjunction with Manson's previous name-checking of the movie -- I'd say it's pretty damned solid that Manson's use of the term "diamond bullet" is incontrovertibly DIRECTLY inspired by Apocalypse Now.

    Interestingly, not only do BOTH uses of the intriguingly descriptive term share the similar idea of the diamond bullet being fired into one's head, but furthermore Brando/Kurtz even specifically mentions it having been shot into his FOREhead...just as Manson's use of the diamond bullet involves it having been fired into a "FOUR-oh-FOUR error face."

    Just sayin'!

    Anyhow, I've always really enjoyed those moments (SO frequent for Manson fans in particular!) when you're just casually watching a movie or something and happen to randomly identify the source of a sample or whatever.

    Hadn't seen this one mentioned before and thought I should share.

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    Nice. I usually come in reading these threads in cynical asshole mode but this actually seems plausible.

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    Seems legit to me.

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    That line's obviously about Evan.

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    ^ How so?

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    That was sarcasm, haha.

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    Cool find, Haz! I would say it is definitely inspired.

    I never made the movie connection from the lyrics of "Blank and White" either! Rock on.

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    The line in the movie pertains to an epiphany. There was an interview somewhere before the album came out where Manson referred to his departure from Interscope as having to become 'disengaged.' There's also another interview, in which he says that he told Interscope something along lines of, 'you're too stupid to understand what I'm trying to do' (404 error face of the machine that just doesn't get it). I'll hunt those interviews down soon, unless anyone remembers where to find them. But, of course, in multiple interviews Manson has emphasized that the 'relationship' themes (whether with a girl, yourself, etc.) in the album are to be heard as ambiguous, for our entertainment.
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    Nice find, Haz! Here's something else that I noticed about Disengaged (this seemed like the best thread to post this):

    "and Iím an event,
    and everybody knows
    you decide if you can live,
    or you decide to let someone
    decide for you"

    "Words of advice a smart person once told me, when I was being convinced by someone else, that 'it was getting too hard to tolerate being with"

    Uploaded to Marilyn Manson's MySpace album "some things I found lurking" in 2010
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    \m/ -_- \m/

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