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Thread: Would you pay for Manson meet and greet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lydia View Post
    I was a critic of Nine Inch Nails when they did that bizarre meet and greet thing, and I think Maynard Keenan's wine-related meet and greet thing was lame. I don't like it when artists do paid meet and greets, and it would be disingenuous of me to say otherwise because Marilyn Manson is doing them right now.
    I never imagined Manson giving in to the meet and great concept but I also never thought that bands would be asking fans to fund their records via Kickstarter, Pledge Music either, a lot has changed in the music world and so has my way of thinking about what artists have to do to survive.

    BTW...I think the experience that Cringeon described sounds pretty awesome.

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    I'm curious as to how many of the ppl who voted "no" ended up doing a M&G.

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    Wouldn't that be something? =P As for me, if I had the chance to, I actually would, especially if it was an awesome or even decent packaged deal.

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    I think the M&G packages are like $150 ish...I went when he came to Montreal, Quebec, and thought it was totally worth it. Not only was it snowing heavily that day, but the stadium was to capacity. We got early entrance, an awesome lanyard, a shirt with the Unembodied Self (my favorite painting by Manson), and a photo and autograph with Manson.

    There were a lot of people so it felt a bit rushed, but he customized all the signatures (I got my copy of the Long Hard Road Out of Hell Autobiography signed), and in some cases signed more than one thing. Then we got some photos with him. He really tried to make each photo unique and awesome, which made the event just that much better. I would totally repeat the experience. It was worth every penny
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    Yeah, if you think about it purely from a merchandise perspective it's STILL a pretty good deal.

    You've got a special t-shirt, so we'll say that's about 40 bucks.

    And if I recall correctly the Marilyn Manson masks were about 30 bucks back when they first went on sale.

    That's almost HALF the dollar value of the meat-and-greet package right there...and then you STILL have the nifty souvenir laminate and the police evidence bag everything comes in, not to mention the early-entrance, the face time with Manson, whatever items you get autographed, and a couple VERY high-resolution pictures with him.

    Add all that up and factor in just how much effort Manson puts into making it an extremely unique experience for each fan (as opposed to, say, posing with the cardboard cut-outs of Rob Zombie and his band, lol) then I'd say I think we've got ourselves a real hit.

    *thumbs up*

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    I'd have preferred to have paid $70 less and done without the merchandise, but yeah, Manson puts the effort in. The time I did meet him "legitimately" - got invited backstage in 2001 when I was running a Manson site - it seemed far more like he was just going through the motions of an obligation than at the M&G in London!
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    Originally Id said fuck no, but then I changed gears after considering paying to meet him was probably the only chance I'd have to talk to him.

    Don't tell me what to do.

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    Nah. Paying money to meet someone in a such an artificial setting is just such a hollow thing to me.

    I'll probably never meet him otherwise, but eh. Never meet your heroes and all that.

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    During the Slipknot tour some venues sold out of pit tickets the second they went on sale. It was impossible to get a pit and for some reason the seated tickets behind pit for some venues were priced higher. Later when M n g was announced it was the only way to get a ticket worth going. I had to splurge on it because I had already told my daughter I would take her, however it's not something I can afford to do again at that price. If it helped Manson continue to do what he does, all the more reason. I didn't splurge on the box set or other merch so I did for this.

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