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Thread: Would you pay for Manson meet and greet?

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    I wouldn't dish up extra cash of that sort just to meet them. I think it's very lame for them to ask such things. However, if it was part of a package (such as guaranteed front row, a shirt, signed photo, and a meet and greet) for a reasonable price then I would if it was someone I was really in to, but moreso for the package as a whole than just meeting them. I've seen bands sell a meeting pass at the merch booth for like $10 that gets you around by the bus and a photo with them all which seems fair. Other people are quite happy to just hang out and chat with people which is awesome. But charging huge amounts of money just to meet someone with no other inclusions is just prostitution really, and I wouldn't buy in to it.
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    I would probably do it anyway, but:

    Quote Originally Posted by thisusernameisnowinuse View Post
    I think it's incredibly vain to ask people to pay to meet you. It makes me lose respect for artists.

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    I agree with The Empirical Guy if it was a package deal then it would be good, I know some bands do early entry/watch sound check and stuff like that with their packages, which make them really cool deals I think.

    I can see why some people don't like the idea of bands doing paid meet and greets, but if its a once in a lifetime opportunity then I think it's good. But I'm sure Marilyn Manson could of done paid meet and greets at any point, as far as I know I don't think he has, at least not on the last few tours anyway so I guess it's probably not his sort of thing either.

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    I wouldn't mind a premium ticket for vip seats, early entrance, maybe some merch or something like watching a soundcheck. Not sure I'd go for meeting the band though, MM seems private enough as is.

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    I remember meeting the lead singer of Esoterica (support band) after the Manson show I attended at Brixton Academy in 2009, where he said that Manson usually does not like meeting fans after shows as they can be intense.

    So I assume that is why Manson does not do meet and greets at gigs.

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    No. Why pay money when I can meet plenty of drunk 40+ year old men in make-up who make terrible jokes in pretty much any city?

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    Never! I never paid when I met him before, so why would I now. That's just lame.

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    Has everyone lost sight of the fact this was a hypothetical question?

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    I like meeting people by seeing them, going up to them and saying "hey I'm Dan and a fan of your work.. ect .. it's nice to meet you, can we take a pic?.. ect"

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    No, I would not pay to meet anyone unless it was a huge package deal that's reasonably priced. But even then, I probably wouldn't buy it.

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