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Thread: [065]: Oct 05 2012 - Verizon Wireless Amphitheater - St. Louis, Missouri, USA

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    I don't think it's a problem if he wears a shirt that makes him look too chunky... I appreciate that he doesn't try to hide it.

    ...TOO much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TH15x15xMYxOMeGA View Post
    Yeah I totally agree. If him and the guys are enjoying themselves, that's the best show I could ask for.
    And sorry about that. I have a deaf friend so I definitely didn't mean to be offensive. I'll correct it.
    I haven't been to nor have I seen any of the shows so I can't comment on their quality but I will say that it's great if they are having fun on stage...but the fans are paying to see it so the best thing we could ask for is if WE have fun. If WE enjoy the show because Manson and camp are bringing their A game. There's a difference between them having fun and them putting on a good show. I'm sure the Jersey Shore idiots are having a TON of fun but that doesn't mean they're doing anything of quality. I hope fun AND quality are being showcased at these shows.

    Okay, that's my cynical rant for the day. Continue on

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    A little bit of a follow up - a coworker of mine actually ended up going unbeknownst to me and his first words were "Manson seemed to be drunk and moaning often". I'm glad to hear it's not just me, even as a fan, that Manson has lost it according to a non-fan.

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