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Thread: Provider Module Flyer (help us spread the word)

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    Default Provider Module Flyer (help us spread the word)

    Thank you to everyone's interest in the previous thread in discussion about a flyer or something to hand out and make more people aware of the site.

    We've come up with a flyer for people to use, we hope you like it!

    I've been printing some of these out at home on my own printer and they've been coming out great.
    But if you're printing out the smaller card version of the flyer, you may need to adjust your printer settings so that it comes out clear. I ran into a small problem earlier when I couldn't clearly read some of the text on it, I've bolded the text now and with the right settings it prints out perfect!
    I had to put mine on best quality, black only but your own printers may be different.
    Alternatively if you're going to be photocopying these and can't get a good small print out to start with, you might be able to run off a larger flyer size and resize it through a photocopier instead.

    The QR code which people can scan with their phones doesn't work on small print outs, so it has been removed off those.
    If anyone does resize from the large A4 original I have provided 2 versions, 1 with the QR code and 1 without, so you have a choice depending on if you're making a small print from it or not. You may not need to resize these versions anyway if they print out ok from the downloads provided below.

    I have provided different size flyers and A4 [letter size] sheets with multiple flyers on if needed, to make it quicker to print and run them off. Files are in PDF and JPG format. I think the PDF may give you a better print, but if you can't work with that then the JPG is available also.

    O A4 - Version 1 [Includes QR Code for Larger/Medium flyers] PDF JPG

    O A4 - Version 2 [Without QR Code for small flyers, if needed] PDF JPG

    O 1 x A5 Flyer PDF JPG
    O 2 x A5 Flyer on A4 PDF JPG

    O 1 x A6 Flyer PDF JPG
    O 4 x A6 Flyer on A4 PDF JPG

    O 1 x Small Card Size PDF JPG
    O 10 X Small Card on A4 PDF JPG

    If there are any issues please let me know asap!

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    These will be perfect for handing out at the upcoming Twins of Evils shows, but feel free to post these or hand these out anywhere you think MM fans will see them.

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    Great posters man, it will definitely appeal to fans. :)

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    Absolutely great posters. Reposted amongs followers ^^

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    I would be very interested myself if I had no idea about Provider Module.

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    I'm thinking of doing a large print of some of these in various sizes. If anyone is serious about helping hand these out at shows, send me a PM.

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    Is anyone else planning to print these out and just handing them out to mentally ill homeless people and blacks?

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    ^ now I am.

    Manson fans usually meet 2/3 of those descriptions anyway... ;)

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    I will hand some out in the line to get in at the show I'm going to. :) I like them.

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    Nice, I might print some out for friends and whatever if I get access to a printer :3

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