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Thread: 'Are You The Rabbit?' & 'Disengaged'

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    Default 'Are You The Rabbit?' & 'Disengaged'

    Am I the only one who doesn't hear any similarities? Everyone says that Disengaged is musically a rip off of AYTR but honestly I don't hear it. What about you?

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    I don't think it's possible to 'rip off' your own song, but given the writing teams were different for EAT ME, DRINK ME and Born Villain, it's a valid comparison. There are definitely a few moments within both that are similar, but it doesn't invalidate either. It's generally the stabbing guitar track, and Manson's enthused vocal delivery that run the same path, but whilst Are You The Rabbit? has a dirty, degenerate blues atmosphere, Disengaged edges more towards the industrial rock influence Manson has discussed in relation to Born Villain.

    My personal assessment is that despite a few similarities, Are You The Rabbit? is one of the most complimentary songs on EAT ME, DRINK ME, whereas Disengaged is extreme, but one of the subtler cuts from Born Villain.

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    This isn't the first time I've heard similarities between Manson songs. I think this is a bit more obvious:

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Overman View Post
    This isn't the first time I've heard similarities between Manson songs. I think this is a bit more obvious:
    When i first heard just a car crash away I kind of immediately wanted to tie it into Fundamentally Loathsome, and others make the same connection which i think is just due to the fact that they are both piano driven songs and drip with a sense of emptiness and emotional vulnerability that is only seen in these two tracks.

    I think Murderers sounds like what Pretty as a $ should have been / what it was meant to sound like. Sonically they aren't similar in structure, but just the vibe certain songs give off remind me of other songs.

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    I think this thread exists... Yes, some bits have similar melodic structure, but with a repertoire of what, 200 songs, you're going to have a little overlap here and there.

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    This sounds like a job for Kleiner!!

    In all fairness, they do sound darn near the same in my opinion. I dig both songs, but c'mon, it's rather obvious.

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    Come on! it's the same artist anyway, therefore similarities may occur either musically or image wise.

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    The chorus to lunchbox and the chorus to the dope show are pretty similar too.

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    Fun fact: it is technically possible to plagiarize your own song.

    I read a news story once about a musician who had had a few successful songs but was kicked off of his label. In the process he lost the rights to those songs. Later, under a new label he continued to write songs with the same sound and I guess they were similar enough that his old label was able to so him for it.

    ^ not the same thing but I saw that someone had mentioned it.
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    ^ Barry Manilow should sue himself. Every fucking song sounds like "Mandy." Manson should have groined him when he had the chance.

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