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Thread: Controversial Manson Fan Opinions?

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    Default Controversial Manson Fan Opinions?

    I'm sure we all have at least that one song, video or album that we feel differently about than what the hivemind typically says, one we've all gotten called a faggot over or insulted for having or at least are mildly embarrassed to say. Well, here's the spot to share away! Whether you love a song everyone hates or hate a song everyone loves, let's throw it out there.


    Eat Me, Drink Me is my favorite non-Triptych album.

    I think Mechanical Animals is the weakest album out of the Triptych (still in my top 3 though).

    I miss Skold.

    I don't think Portrait is as great as everyone else makes it out to be.

    I love Heart-Shaped Glasses as a song and don't think the video was that bad.
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    I agree with you on three opinions:

    EM,DM is also my favorite album next to "the triptych"
    I miss Skold too (I would love to see both him and Twiggy in a band)
    I'm not a big fan of POAAF either.

    My opinions that most (or at least some) fans strongly disagree with:

    - I hate "Disposable Teens" and "The Death Song" and always skip them while listening to "Holy Wood". I always used to hate "The Death Song", but I think the problem with "Disposable Teens" is that I listened too much of it a couple of years ago.

    - I think "The Beautiful People" is overrated.

    - I really love "Wormboy".

    - I really enjoy listening to single tracks from "The High End of Low" but the album as a whole is very weak. I also hated the idea with releaseing acoustic and standard versions.

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    Never cared for Skold, and think J5 while an awesome musician, is just an average song writer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cringeon View Post
    Never cared for Skold, and think J5 while an awesome musician, is just an average song writer.
    YES!! My thoughts exactly! My favourite guitarist would have to have been Zim Zum, followed up closely by Skold. Love them both!

    Portrait is the best non-Triptych album (dunno how controversial this is; it seems to go both ways),

    Eat Me, Drink Me, and The High End of Low have some of Manson's best vocals,

    I don't care if Manson has a stomach (or even a chin!!) because plenty of my favourite authors are visually unappealing. I know that aesthetics have always been a point to Manson's work, but over the past three years or so I've just gotten over the fact that Manson isn't just a ribcage with flesh anymore. :p

    "Heart-Shaped Glasses" is not only one of Manson's best songs, but also one of his best videos.

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    - John 5 is fucking fantastic technical player... But from as much as I've heard, a piss poor songwriter.

    - I always felt the Tainted Love video was as embarrassingly bad as the videos it was making fun of.

    - I miss Pogo.

    - I think Manson was right to stop overtly writing about politics. And We're from America gets a big eye roll from everyone not in America.

    - However, I also hope he'd realize that nobody really cares to hear so much about his girlfriends as he does.

    - When I listen to GAOG and THEOL I definitely skip tracks.

    - Wight Spider is lyrically brilliant but musically boring as hell. The only reason I listen to it is for the last 30 seconds which are crushing.

    - Manson is and always will be a great source of inspiration for me. He's a brilliant performance artist! But more than anything this band needs to be a BAND again. And as much as I like BV I still think it's missing some of the jam quality that was present on HW.

    - I was really disappointed by his appearance on Real Celebrity Ghost Stories (or whatever it was called). To know that Manson actually believes in G-G-G-ghosts... yeah. Yet he obviously reads a lot so I'd like to hear some of his opinions on hard science, even though I might disagree.

    - Manson WAS way better in the 90's and it's too bad a lot of you just weren't old enough then to see it.
    Though, if you had been, you'd agree.

    - Manson gets a lot more credit amongst his fan base for a certain degree of visual/literary and esoteric references than originally intended. Not to say, there isn't any depth there or implied meaning, but some people go over board.

    - Manson's ratio of borrowing vs. adding his own spin to things has become more and more tilted in favor of the former.

    - Manson has never had a chick in the band and I'm fairly certain it's because he doesn't want anyone prettier than him on stage.

    - A big part of the reason that the band doesn't play a lot of EMDM songs is because Twiggy can't play the guitar solos live. The same is also true for The Astonishing Panorama of the End Times.

    - If given a hypothetical choice, I would MUCH rather have had Phantasmagoria than THEOL.

    - If there is one lesson I think he could benefit from it's that "you're not allowed to bellyache about how miserable the women in your life make you if you always only go after the same type of woman over and over again."

    - SLC, aside 3 or 4 tracks is a huge waste of time to listen to and despite having a few decent remixes no remix is preferable to the original. AND it he never should have dropped Abuse 1 and 2.

    - All of the merch has basically been shit since at least LWF. Which is sad because back in the 90's his shirts were the poignant/clever and eye catching.
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    I love eat me drink me and The High En of Low (as albums, not as eras)

    I miss Tim Skold he is the best.

    Antichrist Superstar is one of my less favourite Manson albums. I think is highly over rated.

    (for the record, I have been a fan since MA nothing related with being a new fan)

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    - I actually liked a few tracks off The Golden Age of Grotesque, as I feel an adrenaline rush whilst listening to certain tracks.

    - Antichrist Superstar is my all time favourite Manson album.

    - My least favourite track is The Dope Show.

    - I thought Mechanical Animals was the most unique album Manson made. Even though Eat Me, Drink Me was completely different to Manson's previous albums.

    - My favourite music video has always been The Beautiful People.

    - If there was any former member that I would like to see return with Manson then it would have to be Zim Zum. John 5 is a great guitarist but he seems happier with Rob Zombie now, so I would not mind having Zim Zum return instead as I thought he was pretty good as well. I think that would also be a good idea, like this Twiggy can go back to playing the bass like in the past.

    - I was always fascinated by Manson's imagery during Holy Wood era.

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    - Mechanical Animals is my favorite Manson album.

    - I don't care for Smells Like Children or Portrait.

    - My favorite song is Coma White!

    - Least favorite song is Ka-Boom Ka-Boom.

    - I can't stand The Reflecting god........

    - I always want to read the Holy Wood book some day!

    - I have a Manson Candle from Argentina. lol

    That is all. :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Celebrity Killing Spree View Post
    We're from America gets a big eye roll from everyone not in America.
    The few thousand people stood around me when they played it live in London didn't seem to be rolling their eyes. I guess that in itself is something of a 'controversial' opinion; that I find We're From America to be one of the most visceral and enjoyable Manson songs in his catalogue, I really love it.

    Another odd one is that it took me about ten years to really appreciate the nuances of Tourniquet. I listened to every possible detail of Antichrist Superstar after getting my first copy, but it wasn't until hearing Twiggy's guitar work after re-joining the band that I recognised the initial implant of it in that song. I don't think it was a case of disliking Tourniquet or anything, I was more indifferent to it, but having heard his approach to something like Into The Fire, I spot the searing guitar work and peculiarity of Tourniquet more.
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    . Portrait is without a doubt Manson's best work


    . Holy Wood is not that good

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