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Thread: Album #9

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    The mutated love-child of Born Villain and Mechanical Animals that shot up strains of GOAG.

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    What's so funny about putting people in age boxes, is when you're in your twenties, you feel you can dictate how a 30- or 40- or 50- year old should act, then when you get to those ages, you're like, "Fuck that, I'm gonna do what I'm gonna do."
    Imagination is the real and eternal world of which this vegetable universe is but a faint shadow. --William Blake

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    I wouldn't mind some Neo Folk stuff similar to what Death in June & Boyd Rice were doing on Alarm Agents - I'd also love it to be a 6 track E.P and not a full length album. While I love some of Marilyn Manson's playfulness I'd also appreciate less of the adolescent attitude/themes and for him to get to work on some serious literature in terms of lyrics.
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    i want a hardcore or even a thrash metal based album...a record full of Murderers Are Getting... and Hey Cruel World...that would be my favourite MM Record!!!Heavy Manson is really apocalyptic stuff...nobody does it better!!!

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    I would like Twiggy and Manson to write this next album just as a pair the same way Manson and Skold wrote Eat Me Drink Me

    Go back to the vampire romanticism thing he had going on that album visually with that guitar driven sound the band had

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    What's funny about this is the complexity and the polar opposites of fans wishes. In scrolling through these mere two pages, I've seen people request really heavy hard stuff, lighter more mellow music, more emotional EMDM-like lyrics, more political/dark religious lyrics, EBM songs, acoustic songs, goth songs, punk songs, more like BV, less like BV and Antichrist Superstar 2.

    An eclectic audience to say the least! Lol.

    What I would like in his next album? I think I'll agree with a darker and heavier sounding record. I've liked all his stuff, but the last 3 albums seemed to focus on a lighter, more emotional sound. Which is great, but to keep going at that rate would kill your status as a "ROCK"star. We've only been getting a couple hard tracks inbetween ballad after ballad. Born Villain basically just had Murderers and Hey Cruel World, and HCW was still very melody and singing based. There was a time when Hey Cruel World would have been the standard, not the stand out "heavy" track out of the bunch. THEOL had We're From America, Pretty as a Swastika, and MAYBE Arma..Geddon and I Have To Look Up Just To See Hell. Not sure EMDM had any really heavy tracks.

    I think he should make shorter, heavier, and catchier songs. We've been getting a lot of epic ballads and 5+ min songs lately. Kill You Like They Do In The Movies was brilliant though...I could totally go for another psychedelic, dark, Doors-like song..

    It's not up to me or anyone to dicktate what anyone should do with their careers....but, I feel like at this point in Manson's career, he almost should just go and do an Anti-Christ Superstar 2. And I'm not one of the ACSS ass kissers. It's not my favorite album of his.

    Maybe it's just the mood I'm in right now as I write this, and perhaps I won't even feel this way but a few hours from now, but I think it could be the thing that really jumpstarts his career. Not that it's battery was dead to begin with, but it would definitely cause a little spark.....hopefully a fire.

    He's a headlining act. He still sells out arena's. It's not like he NEEDS to make that move. But it's not uncommon for artists to revisit a beloved or important part of their history. Recently, Alice Cooper did it with Welcome 2 My Nightmare and Rob Zombie did it with Hellbilly Deluxe 2. Both of those albums are really really good. But they really don't sound a lot like the originals. Then again, since when does a sequel HAVE to sound like an original? If you think about it with movies, a lot of horror movie sequels suck because it's basically just a remake of the original with a bigger budget. The best sequels are strong artistic choices that are risky for going in uncharted terrortories, but those are the ones that come out on top. Like Rob Zombie's Devil's Rejects...a totally different movie that 1000 Corpses, and many would say it's far superior.

    Age, wisdom, maturity, and...not necessesarily improved story telling skills but...changed story telling skills is salt and peppered throughout those above mentioned releases, not really connecting them in a HUGE way, other than some similar lyical themes and idea's and some similiar music.

    But if Manson were actually able to somehow magically really create music and lyrics that just sounded like they came right out of angry pissed off probably would be amazing.

    You'll never please everybody and some people would hate it. But I think for it to work, he'd have to become cynical again. Somewhere a long the line it seems like he lost his "Anti Hero" status/outlook/mentality. Like he kind of accepted his role of a mainstream artist...he'll still push some buttons, but it's almost in a parody kind of way as someone else mentioned. He needs to really get pissed off about something. Not depressed, but vehemetly pissed, angry, and hate filled. Haha. That sounds terrible.

    Really pick up the flag and go into battle against the stupidity and ignorance.

    And I never want to hear anyone use the term "lackluster" in describing his live performance ever again.

    I think it could be a mistake to make something confusing just for the sake of being confusing. He should make an angry album with a complex story that is understandable. Not confusing or shocking just for the sake of trying to be shocking. But a really well thought out story with imagery and concepts that are not re-using and rehashing old era's artwork.

    For example, this Twins of Evil tour has been one of the best times I've seen Manson....but it's such a novelty and not unique. Takes away from the "Born Villain experience". I want lots of theatrics and props and stageshow. And I LOVED seeing him in the pope outfit....but thats Holy Wood. It's like there are no new idea's. And it extends into the lyrics....stealing from old journal entries from a more creative period of his life or even old interviews where he said some cool things.

    It would be cool to see a deep dark heavy concept album with all new idea's.

    But this all sounds like I'm complaining, when that was not my intention. I actually really really loved EMDM and THEOL. They are obviously companion pieces, and I really liked the story. It was a true story of what was going on in his life. As all the albums probably were to some extent, but in a different way.

    I could keep going on and on with this, but I already spoke far too much.

    If the above cannot or will not happen, I'd like to see really anything experimental. As far as I know, he's not capable of writing a bad song. I'd really be happy with anything, honestly. And I 100% disagree with whoever said they would rather 1 last final really epic album, than have many more half assed albums or whatever to paraphrase. Manson is extremely talented and as a true artist and journalist, he should always have something to say. Even if it is repeating himself. "My pain is not ashamed to repeat itself".

    Even if nothing he will ever do will live up to some idea any of us might have in our own heads, I hope he continues. I want new music for atleast another 2 decades. I'd like to still go see him when he is 60. Ozzy, Roger Waters, Paul McCartney, Rolling Stones, The Doors....they are all still doing it. George Carlin did it till he died. THAT is being a true artst and really loving and being passionate about your work.

    EDIT: I have nothing against seeing a 50 year old man hitting on girls or acting like a teen or whatever that means.

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    Something that has a themed "era" to it, rather than just an album, like the past three ones. GAOG, HW, MA, ACSS were all great eras that embodied more than just music.

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    Just want to add that to see Twiggy's visual style as of late carried over to album artwork is on my wishlist :P

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