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Thread: Album #9

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    Would be cool with something drastic. I would like it if the band went to Tibet and had some Ayahuasca experience and some months of medition. After that Manson could become friends with Joe Rogan, Maynard J Keenan and Sam Harris. And maybe after a year the band could make a consept album. My point is anyways that something needs to be shaken up before everything just stagnates. And this is not a stab, I love every album and almost every song. It would just be perfect to see eveything move on in a totally different direction. Oh, and Manson needs to get in shape. He should try to keep up his shamanism, not his rock n roll gimmick. He used to fight fear itself. Sleep deprivation, drug experimentation, self abuse, sexual taboos, etc. He should be interested in taking it to the next level. On the other hand he is just a human, or trying to be anyways. He should do what he wants, this is just my want. Would be awesome if they made something like inspired by Tool' best lyrics with the music being half Soft Parade, half LA Woman with unertones of experimentational takes on the Manson sound. And a death metal song which holds NOTHING back, I would love to hear that as well.

    Also. Manson should make a grand consept. With film, music, painting and performance involved.
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    What I want for the next album:

    - Full band effort ( six piece band) meaning:

    1. I say six piece band, 'cause I would love besides a new keyboard player, to add another guitarist to the line up. My dream candidate: Wes Borland ( to me he was made for being a Manson member, would be just a thing of considering him also as a creative musician and not another "muscle"... do you imagine some of BLB's elements into the band's sound?, would be sweet)
    2. Sutter recording live drums+ programmed beats or drum machine when needed.
    3. Twiggy to remain as the band's main composer, but also allowing songs by fred and the new keyboard player and the new guitar player, or just cowriting a significant batch of the new album. ( it would avoid rehashing the same ideas)
    4. Manson of course handling the lead vocal section together with the overdubs, but I would like for them to use also second voices (Twiggy + etc) in choruses or whatever it maybe.

    - Inauguration of The New Theme:

    1. Manson seems to have always done a stand alone album, and then some form of trilogy either official or not ( POAF then the tryptich, GAOG then three albums marked by an emotional n' internal Manson). So if we're to believe story is cyclical, then the ninth album will be something completly out of its own universe.. and I like to believe that even more so that MM has recovered his creative enthusiasm.
    2.Not another trilogy, I want one single album, one single blast with a great overarching concept that goes beyond itself not through other albums, but by connecting the different disciplines Manson has endovered: performance art + poetry + painting + imagery + riddles + videos. Just an interactive experience.
    3. That is pretty much it, I just want the over the top Rock n' roll only MM can give.

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    After Manson wraps up the Twins of Evil this is what I would love to see... I'm gonna talk tour wise/ release wise, then get to the new album.
    1.I really want to see a new live release, but in the style of the Live In LA blu-ray. By that I mean, I want it to be footage from one concert, and audio from one concert, didn't really like seeing Manson normal looking, then all of a sudden covered in black make-up. Anyways, I honestly think they should record audio/video of one of the Twins shows and release it together, it'd be sick.
    2.I want to see Manson commit to the members in his band right now. I don't want to go to a tour next year or whenever, and see Fred or Jason replaced by somebody, they both fit in great and are phenomenal players. I also want Manson to find a full-time (studio/live) keyboardist. I first seen Manson in 07 and it looked right with Ginger and Chris on both sides of the stage in back, and also, it added to the music immensely when Pogo was in the band.
    3. Go on an American tour after you finish up T.O.E. Seriously, don't stop touring, if this is his comeback period, he needs to tour relentlessly, and so far he has. No co-headliners though please, I want a full Manson set, and also it wouldn't be hard to find an opening act and a support act. For example...
    Opening act: Wednesday 13
    Support act: Motionless in White
    Headliner: Manson

    Now, on to the album. I think Manson, Twiggy, Fred, and Jason need to rent out a house or something, and jam on stuff. Make every song a full-on 100 % collaborative effort. I think that all vocals on the record should be handled by Manson, with backing vocals from Twiggy, because Twiggy does have a good (and unique) voice. All guitars should be handled by Twiggy (I love you Manson, but you're not a good guitarist), all bass by Fred, HOPEFULLY all keyboards by hopefully new keyboardist, and all drums/drum programming by Jason. Spend a good couple of months writing, then record all the songs you have. Trim all the fat, and re-record them, this time, with a producer. If someone comes up with a good song during writing or recording, they should try all ideas, because who knows, it could become a fan favorite.
    "Light a candle for the sinners, set the world on fire."

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    More emphasis on drums and guitar that's for sure.

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    Christian rock album.
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    EvilDead, in all of his glory:

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    Quote Originally Posted by kleiner352 View Post
    Christian rock album.
    Can see that.

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    Default Predictions and hopes for the next LP.

    What are you hoping for?

    Around 2009/2010 I said that I wanted the next album to be as catchy and fun as Golden Age, but with a dirtier, gritty feel like Antichrist... which is why BV didn't let me down.

    The next LP I'm hoping will be synth-driven, something like Ministry meets New Order.
    I'd love for it to have alot of musicality and melody, electronics, and even more synth... of course changing it up with a few in-your-face-heavy-as-fuck moments.

    Thoughts? Hopes?

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    Dunno, ideas will begin to emerge in Manson's mind only after this tour finishes and after taking some time off in isolation listening to his fav albums and painting. Who knows, Manson reminds me of David bowie who took a different direction each time. I read between the lines in 2010 and 2011 that the villain idea began to emerge then but when? after he took his time off sorting out his personal life and that what would happen again. It is still to early for speculation as Manson still lives in Born Villain era.

    As for me, I'm hopping for a Joy division post punk style or a full blown heavy metal album like portrait of an American family or the Co morbidity death metal album.
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    I don't care about musical style, although I would love more stuff like Overneath, Flowers, Born Villain, Goddamn Arms. Only things I'd really like to hear is more of the band (a live drummer would be killer), and just a great production. More band song writing including Fred, and Twiggy backup vox is always good too. Just play on their strengths they've shown as a live unit.

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    Whatever he does I hope Manson includes a cover of Janet Jackson's "Nasty:"

    He should totally remake the original video too and match it exactly, dance choreography and everything, except replace himself with Janet of course.

    I completely agree that he should find a keyboard player and show more of the band in photos and videos. Making a record that is a little more intelligent, ghoulish, heavier, and satanic would also be neat.

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