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Thread: "Three" in Manson's Work

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    Default "Three" in Manson's Work

    In my opinion, all of Marilyn Manson's albums, or rather, eras can be put together in threes that fall under the same general category... I think this is sort of deliberate, and sort of not because some of these things were never properly released:

    Spooky Kids, Portrait of an American Family, Smells Like Children

    The Triptych
    Holy Wood, Mechanical Animals, Antichrist Superstar

    The Golden Age of Grotesque, Lest We Forget, Phantasmagoria

    Eat Me Drink Me, The High End of Low, Born Villain

    And my question is, what will come next? Will he make another sorrowful, personal album and destroy these threes? Or will he do something totally new? Or release Phantasmagoria?

    What do you think about these threes, do you think there are more threes in Manson's work, or this thread is stupid and totally off the mark?

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    I wonder what's coming next ...
    I'm not actually Russian.

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    The new albums will probably be a nod to 80s synth pop and butt rock.

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    I don't really see it. I mean you can look at Manson's discography and probably manipulate it in any way you want.

    You've collectively lumped everything together that the Spooky Kids did to uphold one place to go along with POAAF & SLC. Also, why would you really even include Lest We Forget? It's just a compilation of old material with a new single. But if you're including LWF, what about releases like the Remix and Repent EP, The Last Tour on Earth, as well as live video releases and so on...

    I understand where you are coming from but I don't think Manson deliberately did anything of the sort, I think you're just looking at it in a particular manner.
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    Yeah, I don't see it. Another case of reading too much into something and/or trying to make it fit with your own views. Lest We Forget was a best of and Phantasmagoria hasn't been released (or finished, yeah? i stopped caring a long time ago). So, you're definitely reaching with those two.

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    Manson must have a pretty fucked-up tough job releasing stuff in-line with the 50-year-master-plan he made for himself and the band back in 1989. Perhaps someday we'll get our hands on the original blueprint and all the speculation will be cleared. One thing I'm pretty sure of at this point is - Manson is not an ordinary person. He is an alternative black magician, (not a black magician since he is not hurting anybody with his magic). I think, and this is in-line with the proposed idea in the thread, that whenever someone listens to a MM track, their soul travels to MM's body, wherein there are three souls then at this point. The listener's soul, MM's soul and the devil's soul. Manson revealed this to us in the psalm "You and Me and the Devil Makes 3". I'm guessing in the MM 50-yr-master-plan books the psalm is probably titled "You and Me and the Devil Makes (it) 3 (souls in my body)".

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    There are congregations of 'Three' in Marilyn Manson's work, he's not only stated as much, but also implicitly layered the number within areas of his music, artwork, painting and even websites. However, a prosaic approach by the enthusiast would be to recognise these patterns, and then try to force them into other things he or the band have done. There are indeed links between the groups you've identified, but it's really only a linear progression of things Manson is interested in at any given time.

    Of course there is often contention over whether something like 'The Triptych' was a pre-planned work of genius conceived in Manson's adolescent mind as a vast cultural commentary. Was it? Not really, even if the seed of its thematic was inherent in 'Marilyn Manson' in one form or another, it needed gestation, experience, the passing of time to be realised for what it was. Factors like Manson meeting Rose McGowan, Columbine, drug use and... life were just as significant as any mystical pre-ordainment. In many ways, that IS the mysticism, the fact that one's own experiences group together and seem to create a wider meaning, a wider fate. It's more than okay for that to be happenstance, though.
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    I see what you guys are saying, but see it this way. I mentioned eras, not necessarily albums. I don't think Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids launched into a totally different era with the release of the Refrigerator EP vs. the release of the Live As Hell EP. It was all sort of one era until Portrait was released, at which time their direction changed a little bit. And then Smells Like Children brought forth different things as well. Those eras all fall under the category of growth, if you look at the lyrics, and the visual message.

    The triptych is obvious, but if you go to the next three eras... The Golden Age of Grotesque is obviously an era, but bringing forth Lest We Forget was a totally different era than The Golden Age. I think it had a lot to do with art with the stage production, and the sort of costumes he wore in public. He was essentially comparing his own artwork to the artwork of others, I don't think you can argue Lest We Forget wasn't an era, and in my opinion it had a lot to do with art. And though Phantasmagoria wasn't released, a huge number of Dadaesque art pieces and themes made their appearance on in 2006, totally separate from Lest We Forget. Obviously that had to do with art, or rather the degradation of art with the whole Celebritarianism. Again, eras.

    The next three are obvious as well.

    Intentional or not, I'm just pointing out that the pattern has been so far, with every topic that interests Manson, three eras have arisen from it. I think it's kind of interesting. And three intended albums/projects were supposed to have arisen from it as well.

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