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Thread: Last 3 Albums Incorporated Live

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    Default Last 3 Albums Incorporated Live

    Just had an idea after hearing manson play four rusted horses live. I would really like if manson played more songs from THEOL,EMDM,BV.
    As much as he doesnt like it, it would be awesome to hear songs like : If I Was Your Vampire , Are You The Rabbit , Running To The Edge Of The World, WOW, Disengaged , Were From America , Devour , Children Of Cain and i mean the list goes on. Like a 17 song setlist with just those albums. All new stage props and stuff. Like Running to the edge of the world had Evan in the bed all bloody. Are you the rabbit had the big chair. I dont know what are your thoughts?

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    This idea is terrible, my friend.

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    I am a huge fan of those albums (on level with the triptych) but that idea completely misses the concept of live touring

    I'm surprised he even played Four Rusted Horses in the first place, going back on his word about not playing anything from EMDM or THEOL this tour
    I'm not actually Russian.

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    Omniscient Iniquitous Dirge Inferno's Avatar
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    I agree with you, Indeed, and you are indeed right, Indeed, for making this thread. He should play these songs from his 3 best albums.

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    Except from the BV songs most of the fans have already heard those songs on the previous tours :p

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    I completely agree. I've been saying something similar--that Manson should pull an Iron Maiden and do 1 greatest hits tour and then do an obscure song only tour and just switch on and off. There are way too many songs now to give any of the albums proper justice. Especially with such a split fanbase. Tour for his first 4 albums and then tour for his second 4 albums.

    The sucky thing is, as fans, we are always behind the artist. The artist is always ahead of us artistically. Just as soon as we really start getting into the new album, it's not new anymore. Another one is coming out. I may not have appreciated the THEOL era as much at the time. I'd love to see another tour in support of that album.

    Hows this for a setlist?

    Hey Cruel World
    Pretty as a Swastika
    We're From America
    Red Carpet Grave
    Putting Holes In Happiness
    Heart Shaped Glasses/Evidence
    Overneath the Path of Misery
    Born Villain
    Pistol Whipped
    Children of Cain
    Blank and White
    No Reflection
    Murderers Are Getting Prettier
    Beautiful People


    Disposable Teens
    If I Was Your Vampire

    Think of ending the show with If I Was Your Vampire. ..."This is where it starts...this is where it will end..." and the band fades out and off the stage in a cloud of smoke.

    2 or 3 of the songs could also be changeable depending on how they feel. Occasionally replace Pistol Whipped with Your So Vain, Devour with White Spider, Red Carpet Grave with They Said Hells Not Hot.

    I'd pay for this show in a heartbeat.

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    Does anyone have a video of MM playing Four Rusted Horses?

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    There's a 45 second clip on the concert's thread along with a full audio recording on soundcloud. You can find the audio clip on here or via the PM Facebook page. :)

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    That is if you're talking about the performance from a few days ago...

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    I was really sad when I heard he wouldn't play any EMDM songs live anymore. Just a Car Crash Away is incredible live! Same with If I Was Your Vampire and Evidence. Even Heart Shaped Glasses is fun live. No love for EMDM :(

    As for THEOL I could care less personally, but I know a lot of people like songs off that album too.

    Also, I realllly like the idea of doing a tour with just obscure songs. Imagine Five to One or Suck For Your Solution live! :O

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