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Thread: Which Manson lyrics describe your mood at this very second?

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    It's awwwwwl ru-END - when you - MEAT- their - fri(end)s

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    I got two in my head today:

    "This for the people, they want you, getting high on violence baby."

    "Nothing suffocates you more than the passing of everyday human events."

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    Not a lyric, but inspired by Haz's acid style of playing records at lower RPM - Astonishing Panorama sounds fucking slutty as hell at 1/2 speed. This is going to be my fucking jam tonight :D

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    Fast food nude

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    live fast and die fast too
    how many times i do this for you
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    I can see the coffin shining through my tinted window. Must've missed the sign that said it was a fire sale.

    Forbidden in Heaven and useless in Hell.

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    All you fuckers vote "beep beep beep" in drunk karaoke cars
    If its too dumb to see or say, you still sing it
    And I just cue the applause
    "Let's make sure the music is loud enough we won't even hear it end"

    Mostly comes to mind when logging into this forum and seeing many of the posts about music. :D
    So many stars above our heads and yet we choose to starve. So many stones out there to turn and yet we choose to ignore. Thousands I wish to corrupt, their sons I seek to mislead. Damned forever be your dreams, I reject my destiny.

    Like the first of sins there is no one to blame, the earth grew wet on the seventh day. And we sit down for a feast of hate, we eat each other in a twist of fate.

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    Down, but not out.
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    I'm too young, to live this life.

    Take your hatred out on me! Make your victim my head! You never ever believed in me! I am your tourniquet!

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    First you try to fuck it then you try to eat it :3

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