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Thread: Childfree & Unmarried

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    I could take it or leave it when it comes to marriage. There are a few things that need to be worked out in my relationship before marriage were to happen. As far as children, I despise them. There are over 7 billion people on this plan. I have no desire to add to that.

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    I can;t see myself ever getting married.
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    So I'm asexual and gender neutral. I was married for 10 years to someone who "grew up" and decided that sex and appearance were more important than trust and friendship. Would I do it again? Hell no. Wish I hadn't done it the first time. And no child deserves the genetic Russian roulette of having me for a parent.
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    This is entirely a person choice, and it doesn't bother me. But personally I want to have children( to fill the world with coolness like me) two maybe three if the mood strikes me. Marriage is iffy for me being a minority and all the odds aren't good but I'll stay on the lookout but I'm not holding my breath.

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    Many of my friends now are having children or are planning on it and I look at the longing they have and I just don't get it.

    Whatever biological desire to reproduce that they have, I just don't share it.

    And to intentionally choose to have children just seems so selfish to me. I can't think of a single intelligent reason to let someone suffer a single day of the losing game of life and neither can they. They just WANT kids and it seems to be more about their own vanity than about the world they are thrusting another person into.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Celebrity Killing Spree View Post

    And to intentional choose to have children just seems so selfish to me.
    It is selfish most of the time, but you know what I also find annoying?! - It's the fucking people who keep asking me why I don't want children........ they tell me that I should create children because I have good genes!

    I'm not saying 100% no to children, but this world is full of children who doesn't have parents who love them, so maybe we should take care of them first of all!
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    I'm single and kid free. I plan on staying this way until some fine Manson fan decides to change that. :)

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    I don't have an issue whatsoever with people who don't want to get married or have children. Nor do I have an issue with people who want to get married, but not have children. I think people who decide to have an issue with those kinds of people are starting to thin out. It's becoming much more accepted.

    I myself don't want children. Sure, kids can be cute but we both know that's not all that comes along with the package. You're esentially both a teacher and a babysitter 24/7. Ain't nobody got time for that. No, but seriously, I don't have the drive to teach someone and watch over someone who can't do it themselves. Until they invent a child who can take care of itself, no thank you. For people who want kids, more power to them, it's great when a child is born. It's just not for me.

    Marriage? Perhaps.

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    Sometimes I wish I had a big family like this!

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