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Thread: Sieg Heil

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    Filthy,you and all those fucking people in that asinine temp banned/soon to be banned posse need to shut the fuck up and get over it. Y'all don't even LIKE Provider Module so stop your goddamn bitching. This probably seems like an extreme reaction but I am PAINFULLY sick of seeing people complaining about being banned when they barely wanted to be here to begin with. Jesus fuck.
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    Damn this is some childish shit. I don't even agree 10/10 times with the mods on here, I disagree on a lot of the general opinions and find several aspects to leave something to be desired, but even I don't try to claim that oh, this is some big deal of totalitarianism. I mean holy shit, that's such a bullshit claim. Honestly I've seen more instances of people NOT being banned than people actually being banned around here, and whenever someone has been banned quite honestly I've found that the level of pettiness and disagreements tends to tone down, so if anything they're choosing the right folks to kick off, whether they make it a goal to instigate or not.

    Seriously filthy, why so pissy? I mean honestly man, it's a website. That's it. There are your usual round of sycophantic MM fans but then there are plenty here who aren't; hell, the controversial Manson fan opinions thread that took off just goes to show how many people here aren't kissing the band and the man's ass 24/7.

    Honestly if you find a website this irritating that you're driven to make posts like this and emptily bitch about it without really presenting any genuine solutions, leave. It takes less effort to stop visiting a website than damn near anything else, because you have to actively open a tab, put in the site and login, but you don't have to do anything to stop visiting. If the site gets that aggravating for you then maybe it's in your best interests and everyone else's best interests to just stop participating. I'm not being mean, I'm just being honest.

    Who is taking orders here? What orders are we all being given? Last I checked this was a forum where people argued over which album is better and which album is worse and circlejerked over candid photos and talked about books and substance abuse and emotional disorders and TV shows, not a concentration camp where we're all trying to not look over our shoulders at the men with rifles while we're stuck watching propaganda films reiterating the fact that Big Manson loves us. I mean really, if there was ever an example of people taking shit way too seriously, it's this.

    Also if you're going to argue against what you believe to be fascism, saying things like "if you react to this then it'll prove my point" automatically invalidates any potential point it could've proven if it had happened in the first place. That's just making a shoddy defense against any and all criticism and there are so many better ways you could've dealt with that idea.
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    Quote Originally Posted by filthytothecore View Post
    Tell me how does it feel to be one of the beautiful people? When one day your corporatism is absent as you kiss Manson's ass to try to net a official status for your site, A haven for neck beards, Limey alcoholics, and Aussie transsexuals, This is who leads your forum, A clan of people so determined to wipe out any trace of dissent, That they ban those for a simple humongous picture.

    No one not the lowest of post member should have to deal with the incompetence dealt with members by a ruling elite there upon thy forum, A forum of tyrants and ass kissers trying to garnish their beverage of choice, Pigs, Sycophants, and Hypocrites. This is who runs this forum and actively try to destroy any feeling of a different view other than their own, Whilst allowing their ass kissers to follow like simple minded sheep to the slaughter.

    A band of mindless fucking sheep following orders in the name of giving a band that doesn't care about you or, The moderators or, administrators . So a hearty Sieg Heil! To everyone that fights against corruption in all forms, Including so called authority.

    PS. If you ban me you prove my point and if you delete this you also prove my point rather than an actual discussion on the topic of the sites corruption and the so called moderators and administrators own self deification above every other user of the site.
    I would have banned you just for the ridiculous "P.S." part. So, be happy I'm not a mod and understand that it could be a lot worse.

    More often than not I cringe the entire time I read through one of your posts. And this is just... this is just fucking embarrassing. Maybe you should take a vacation from the internet and get it together.

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    I don't agree at all with the OP but what the fuck is up with other members (as in non-admins) piling on?

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    I think because the OP seemed worried for the rest of everyone, some community dialog is nice ;)

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    Some dialog is def. nice. Unfortunately it's not always easy for the rest of us to figure out where the line's drawn in the sand.

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    I very much like the forums here but have long come to accept that the rules/terms and conditions are only applied to specific users who those working in administration very obviously favor. It's not about the "rules", but who's willing to join in on the circle jerk.

    While this has ticked me off a few times at the end of the day this is the internet and a Manson forum and like most places with any kind of social hierarchy, ass-lickers and suck holes will inevitably prevail. We've all been to school, we've all had jobs. It's just the same thing here and if you happen to have a problem with a few things you'll undoubtedly find those terms and conditions apply a lot more heavily to you then they do to others.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cringeon View Post
    How is not insulting people a tyrannical rule? You can disagree all you like, but resorting to petty insults where you attack either people's sexuality, or just blast bigoted insults is definitely not something we want here. The issue you raise has nothing to do with Marilyn Manson, or opinions about the band - but a general disrespect in how you treat people and the kind of insults you lob at them. It's pretty clear that PM is not a place where people can come to wage their bigoted insults at other users of this site - staff or otherwise. You want to have a debate on the ethics of the site, MM, or the world in general - do it without lowering yourself to Westboro-style trash.
    I'm sorry, but some of the sexist remarks you've made about women as sandwich-makers have not only been tiresome but have been repeated to the extent where it's gone past a joke and you've just come across as a sexist-bigot. Not a great example to set for someone who is supposed to be enforcing the "rules" around here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by filthytothecore View Post

    . This is who runs this forum and actively try to destroy any feeling of a different view other than their own, Whilst allowing their ass kissers to follow like simple minded sheep to the slaughter.
    I would like to be a little serious now, even though it's hard for me to be serious in this forum anymore.

    Did you ever report post that you found offensive? - I normally don't report people's post in here, so I wonder if you do?!

    If you did, and nobody gave a shit, then I can understand why you are upset because it isn't fair that some people are allowed to misbehave in here while other isn't!

    - However we all have a different view on what humor is, so what is just innocent teasing to some, might be offensive to others etc.

    But I think it's obvious if a person in here is being really rude to others, and if that person isn't banned while other people with bad manners is, then of course NOBODY will take this forum serious anymore.

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    Crikey, I go to work for a few hours one day and this emerges. Let me makes things a little simpler; anyone reading can feel free to disregard what I say here, but it's not getting laid out in much plainer terms.

    Regarding bans given to Provider Module forum members, I have - out of curiosity - just looked at the list of people banned permanently over a four-year-period, and besides the occasional pesky spambot or Ulysses Black's boring duplicate accounts, there's been six bans. Six, just to clarify, with two existing temporary bans that will eventually subside. For an online forum with 1000+ members, attached to a Marilyn Manson fansite, that's pretty astonishing. It also demonstrates very well how we've always approached things, which is with tolerance and candour until the point when people start to try and take liberties.

    Now, I know what filthytothecore's initial post is trying to refer, and shall address it here just to be clear. No one has been banned for posting a simple, innocuous picture. A tiny, tiny minority of people - who coincidentally happen to be in the group of six just mentioned - think that clubbing together in this forum's video chatroom, or on their Facebook accounts, or wherever, and trying to disrupt things goes unnoticed. Although it's not relevant to this site specifically, they also happen to be a tiny, tiny minority who've been banned or caused trouble on pretty much every prominent Marilyn Manson fansite going for the past ten years. Whether by accident or design, that should be nearly all you need to know, but again, for clarity I'll add that this little clique evidently have very little going on in their lives, as a couple of rational members have pointed out in this topic.
    Naturally in a fanbase of anything, not everyone is always going to get on, and there will be differences, but here at least, we always offer ways to straighten them out. My inbox - as with every staff member - is always open, so sock-puppet topics and fanfare shitstorms aren't necessary. That may be where we differ from some fansites, but it's a clear-cut way of dealing with things.
    The aforementioned two temporary bans existing on this forum were given - not that I need to state a reason publicly, but clearly after two months it's stuck in someone's craw, even if they use every medium going to state how they don't want to be included here anymore - because I'm not stupid, and know when people outside of this community are doctoring pictures from my Facebook account, or using borrowed personal information to manipulate easily-led forum members. If my reaction to that doesn't sit well, then this might not be the place for you. The Internet - and world - are pretty big, there's plenty of other locations, I suggest getting over it and moving on. Snide, back-stabbing behaviour will not be tolerated though, and that's why those aforementioned six persons are not welcome here. It's not just about me, or staff members here either, those sorts of people are removed for the benefit of everyone, because if you're two-faced enough to be that underhanded, you'll probably fuck anyone over. Not here, thank you.

    Quote Originally Posted by filthytothecore View Post
    This is who runs this forum and actively try to destroy any feeling of a different view other than their own, Whilst allowing their ass kissers to follow like simple minded sheep to the slaughter.
    No one 'kisses' my ass, I'm afraid, and there's nothing they'd gain from doing so. I make clear distinctions between nice, friendly forum users, and twats. Thankfully, twats are a minority, and so when they're ejected, it makes everyone else's Provider Module experience more pleasant, and I can go back to transcribing an interview for people to enjoy, or you know, being a raging Limey alcoholic.

    So a hearty Sieg Heil! To everyone that fights against corruption in all forms, Including so called authority.
    So you'd like to throw a fascist salute to people who oppose alleged fascism...? That seems incongruous to me. I mean, I know you were told what to write in the majority of this topic's opening post, but still.
    Again, it's impossible to find corruption within Provider Module, because there's nothing to corrupt. It's a resource website for music fans, and has a forum as part of it's community. The forum allows people to talk to each other, and it's fun. That's as complex as we get.

    If you ban me you prove my point and if you delete this you also prove my point
    I don't have a reason to ban you, and neither does anyone else. Being fed misinformation by people who aren't welcome here isn't a banning offence, just enjoy the website, have a nice time talking to others, and of course, enjoy being a Marilyn Manson fan.
    Besides that, if you've got any genuine concerns, please write to me and I'll consider any valid points made.



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