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    Default Dream Journal Entries

    Don't see any threads on here for this sort of thing so I think I'll make one. Wasn't sure of Personal Discussion or Poetry and Storytelling were the places to put it so I went with the writing one, if PD is better than mods you know what to do.

    I don't want this to just be considered a place for my own dreams, so everyone feel free to share any of yours. I try to keep a dream journal, as inconsistent as it may be, and some of them I manage to lock some serious detail down in, so here goes nothing. Dreams are, to me, one of the most fascinating parts of being alive and being human and are at times better than the waking world and equally as impacting.

    Iím in the mansion. This time it belongs to someone else and the interior has changed dramatically. Thereís an entire grocery store inside part of it, but compared to the rest of the mansionís size it seems like a walk-in closet. Thereís a massive party going on but I largely ignore it and am worried about something else though Iím unsure as to what. Iím buying groceries for some trip a group of people and I are going on and walk outside into the front yard thatís now a parking lot. Itís still light out and despite that the parking lot is filled with cars and everyone seems entranced by the place as if everyone in the area was just drawn to it instinctually. I load up the car the group is using with the groceries, telling them I have to go check on something but will be back soon. I go back into the mansion and remember that Iím supposed to be the owner now, that I have to keep it together and in order but itís such an overwhelming thing to do. Soon it gets dark and once it does all of the people start to have a massive orgy while injecting themselves with drugs and taking ecstasy, most of them stripping each otherís clothes off while grabbing onto each other indiscriminately, others fighting and brutalizing one another. The lights all turn red and even though everyone here seems to be in total bliss Iím not, because something is wrong and I know that soon something awful will happen. Itís when the lights drop out that everything stops, all sound and all activity and the entire place becomes pitch black. Iím terrified but it seems so routine at this point and I hold myself with my arms crossed for some sense of comfort but when I do I feel someone elseís already there. I jump away and scream and for a moment light flickers and I can see a woman standing there but donít know who and then the light goes out again and when I reach out to see if sheís still there itís just so much empty space. A red neon light is still on and I find a woman who wasn't the one holding me standing near it talking to herself and I ask her what time it is and she says she doesn't know and the whole time Iím not sure whatís wrong with her but something is off, something important and I realize her eyes donít have any real color, theyíre just black where the color would be. I back out of the room and find the front doors to the mansion and step out of it, shutting the door quickly behind me and even though they weigh nearly a hundred pounds they feel like feathers. Outside thereís still enough light to see around comfortably and people are sitting but when I go and look for the people that I was leaving with, theyíre gone. There are only two cars left in the parking lot now and the entire place is coated in autumn leaves. Iím sitting on the steps to the front door, wondering what Iím going to do. I have no ride and the thought of spending the night in this place isn't something I don't like to think about. It keeps getting darker and soon enough I can barely see much more than shadows and someone starts walking towards the mansion and for better or worse I end up going towards them and find Cassandra who has been looking for me, and she hadn't been here earlier which makes me feel so much better about everything. She walks me off past the mansion to somewhere she promises is okay to be at and I wake up while weíre heading into the woods.

    Cass and I are at some city near the coast. For some reason something terrible happened, though I donít know what, that resulted in everything becoming chaotic and we are all stuck here on our own. We walk across rolling hills and around empty city streets and up and down stairways. No one is here; itís like a post-apocalyptic movie, but without all of the destruction. More like everyone just disappeared all of a sudden, like everybody stopped what they were doing and walked away. She doesnít seem to mind and for some reason I donít either; itís as if I already remember what happened but I just canít seem to. We end up taking photos of the sky and she sits on a bunch next to a tree line, sketching things and I find a stairway leading back up into the city with a sign for a restaurant. Iím not sure why but we both seem to feel like itís a familiar place and when we get there a group of people we know are sitting around and eating, and seem happy to see us. Cass looks uncomfortable and tells me sheís going to go to the bathroom and for me to sit down without her. Andrew and Aaron are talking about I Love Lucy and everyone is talking, smiling and laughing aboutÖ something, and then I end up getting up after a while, wondering where Cass went to.

    Iím standing on a huge stone area like a castle thatís built against mountains and reaches out towards the solid hundred feet drop below. Thereís snow everywhere and itís blowing into my face, and the further I walk along the less people I see. There are a few houses oddly placed here and none of them are open. I get to the edge of the structure where there isn't a wall like the rest of it, just an open drop, and I go back partly from the cold and partly from knowing thereís nothing left for me to see. I open a door that leads into a gym for some reason and a large group of people are all sitting and standing in here. Cass and I run into each other and walk around, and it seems like something apocalyptic has happened. We see Carl Marx playing chess with someone. Later on she and I are driving in a familiar dream territory for me and we stop at a familiar house for a few moments, just sitting in the driveway before going again.

    Iggy Pop is in some sci-fi game where there are turrets from KOTOR and dystopic/post-apocalyptic landscapes. Lots of lava and other fairly clichť early gaming tropes.

    Iím standing outside of a car buying gas with a credit card and it wants to not work, so I have to swipe it. Itís night and Iím recognizing all of the people walking in and out of the gas station even though in reality I donít know if any of them exist. A few talk to me about something and then Cassandra shows up and after I get the gas pump to work we leave. Weíre lying in our bedroom talking and listening to music that for some reason is on a VHS tape and talking while Iím trying to not fall asleep.

    Cass and I are in a car with some other people that I guess are our friends in the dream and weíre driving in the night, with bags and backpacks and luggage loaded up in the trunk of the van. We end up stopping at a huge house thatís a lot like someone I know's home and go inside. Beyond the headlights of our van everything is perfect dark. We turn on lamps and wander through, everyone finding rooms and some of us sitting around in the living room eating and talking. Later into the night something happens. Glass breaks and a couple of guys go looking to see what happened, and we hear them shout before going silent. We all figure theyíre fucking with us and we donít really worry about it until the lights go out in the hall and shadows start moving down them, busting a door open and the people in that room are screaming and something is snarling. Four men in long black coats with long, dark hair thatís swept back and walking down the hall, dragging their fingernails down the walls and ripping up wallpaper. Everyone is freaking out and running and so are Cass and I and the four men start grabbing people and sinking teeth down into their necks, blood spraying across the walls and ceiling and floors. Some of the people trying to grab at them and fight them and are quickly torn apart. Body parts and blood and other fluids are decorating the hallway and itís too cramped to make much progress when trying to move, so weíre stuck tight between one another as they tear and drink their way through us all, laughing as the do. I manage to open a door and slip inside, taking Cass with me and slamming the door shut before tipping over a dresser to barricade it and then working towards moving all of the other furniture in place as well and as people are banging on the door I canít tell if theyíre our friends or the vampires and have to leave it shut, and as screams are scoring the otherwise silent night Iím recoiling back towards the window which we go to open but realize that weíre too high up to jump, and even if we did weíre right next to water with nowhere to run. Thereís a second door in the room and we go through it, passing through an empty room and running up a staircase, going to another floor and then another before finding another room that we open and shut and there are already people here but they know us. One of them has blood and gore all across their feet and pants legs and they say they managed to stomp one of the vampís heads in, and they seem exhausted enough that itís believable. We can still hear the sounds from below and we ask one another if we know any way to get out to the car but all agree that we have no idea, we have no clue how many of these things there are and we have no idea if we even have enough gas in the car to get us down the road let alone far enough away to escape. We hear people running up the stairs and we need to move again, and as we leave the room people are rushing past in the hall and others are pushing to get into our room and we run out. One of the vampires has followed and a group of people manage to knock them down and smash their head in with candelabra. The smell is almost painful but we donít have time to think about it so we keep on running and find another way up to another floor and get there, with more people following and just as many running and we finally are trapped, locked in a room that we canít run out of and so we block the whole thing, using whatever we have and ending up breaking off stakes from chair legs and bedposts and when the wood starts to shred and the dressers and mattresses start to become pathetic one of us tries to stab through them, and all we hear is laughing before they rip it closer to them and further inside of them, one of their arms reaching through the door and shredding his neck open, blood raining down on the hardwood floor.
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    I had a dream about a lot of celebs that I won't indulge, lol.

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