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Thread: At what age does goth stop being cool?

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    my short answer is whatever age it starts to conflict with opportunity in your life (be it jobs, relationships, things you want more than the 'identity'). I do have plenty of friends with good jobs, good relationships, and great opportunities while maintaining their age and goth interest as well.

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    I'll admit that I was guilty of this when I was about 14. Not so much that I was trying to label myself, I just started dressing the style and was looking for a place to fit in. It just seemed logical to say that I dressed that way because "I [am] a goth".

    I wasn't even into any of the true goth bands that were prominent in the 80's, although Skinny Puppy may count, but again, I don't like using the label or the term "goth" anymore. Some people may use the label with me, but I don't dress the part as much. No eyeliner or black nail polish, I cut that out years ago. My clothing still consists of almost all black, but that's a genuine preference and not an attempt to fit in.

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    16-17, not later than 18.

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    I don't even think Goth STARTS until you're in your 80s. Those people have got that grim and deathly thing down.

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    40...... I'm not kidding because under 40 you aren't old enough to stop anything cool, but 40 + you must act as a mature person.

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    I was mature at 16 then became a rebel from the waist down at 18. Shit does happen!

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    ...I was born a rebel, down in DC on a Tuesday morning... Thanks Tom Petty *snarky grin*
    "Even smiling makes my face ache."

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    From what I recall, most people seem to say as soon as you graduate high school. (And but of course, never as well.) =P

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    Most people dress the part in order to acquire something or someone. Whether it be a job, a potential partner, whatever circle they want to be part of. They're called costumes. I don't think anyone who is confident in themselves to accomplish things should rely on maintaining a certain image in order to find that comfort. It comes from the actions you take, the things you get done, and who you are as a person overall. I have goth friends and I mean no disrespect when I say that dressing that way just for the simple fact that it makes you feel better about your flaws does nothing more than clown you more. I'm not making fun of people who consider themselves "goth", but your fashion is not the most important thing. Look at Manson for instance. Look at his pictures before he became "Marilyn Manson". He had a tan, blonde-ish hair, jeans and a dress shirt. Then he decided he wanted to make a career out of being in a band. He customized his wardrobe to fit his message and his art. He's not really "gothic" per se ,(lol had to use that one), but it is a good example.

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    Are there really goths that show up to job interviews dressed like that? I was reading through the posts that mentioned them not being able to get hired, or remain hired, and thought that would only be an issue if they showed up the job interview or job like that. I really was just wondering, because it sounds like some of you have seen and heard stories of goths going to job interviews dressed like that.

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