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Thread: Underrated's Understated

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    Portrait and SLC are both fantastic to listen to stoned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OrganGrinder89 View Post
    Portrait and SLC are both fantastic to listen to stoned.
    I can testiy to that; altough once Portrait almost got me into a bad trip; which I avoided after "Cake and Sodomy".

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    Wrong thread sorry
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    IV TV
    Learning to Swim
    Mutilation is the Most Sincere Form of Flattery
    Unkillable Monster name a few
    So many stars above our heads and yet we choose to starve. So many stones out there to turn and yet we choose to ignore. Thousands I wish to corrupt, their sons I seek to mislead. Damned forever be your dreams, I reject my destiny.

    Like the first of sins there is no one to blame, the earth grew wet on the seventh day. And we sit down for a feast of hate, we eat each other in a twist of fate.

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    Default Most Underappreciated Songs

    Any songs that you love that doesn't seem to get talked about much? I'm partial to "The Red Carpet Grave" and "The Bright Young Things" .

    Those are my two favorite songs from their respective albums.

    Edit: "I Have to Look Up Just to See Hell" is also applicable.
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    1) The Golden Age of Grotesque
    2) They Said That Hell's Not Hot
    3) The Gardener
    Sorry for my poor English.

    English is not my first language.

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    Born Again
    Lay Down Your Goddamn Arms
    King Kill 33°
    The Golden Age Of Grotesque
    Pretty As A $wastika
    The Gardener
    Fundamentally Loathsome
    The Speed Of Pain
    Memento Mori
    You Pays Your Money, You Takes Your Choice.
    619208 919 4514
    -The Divine Trickster-
    I Was Invited To Eat The Young
    It's A Poor Sort Of Memory That Only Works Backwards.

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    Another one, Spade, is monstrously powerful. At least I thinks so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mexicanfiend View Post
    I can testiy to that; altough once Portrait almost got me into a bad trip; which I avoided after "Cake and Sodomy".
    Sweet Tooth. Gidget's bass is hypnotic.

    Portrait: Sweet Tooth and Filth (because it wasn't on the album in the end).

    SLC: Diary of a Dope Fiend, I Put A Spell On You. And the Abuse tracks (yes, I think I'll do this).

    ACSS: Honestly, none of them. Every single song there's got a giant fanbase. If I start linking Tumblr references to "Deformography" on there we'll be here all night. Now that I think about it, even my post of Let Your Ego Die got hundreds of notes and that's a Spooky Kids era track. I'd say that in comparison Deformography has a pretty big fanbase. I'm going to cheat and say The Suck For Your Solution. Also, D Is For Dirty.

    MA: He's never even done New Model No. 15 live. That needs a video with Drag Queen Rockettes and butch lesbian soldiers. That song is the ultimate critique of a large portion of American hypocrisy and he doesn't even do it live. What, is he scared Zim Zum will sue him too? Also, Diamonds and Pollen. I suggest editing your file and putting it at the end of Mechanical Animals. It's a harsh endcap, much like The Man That You Fear and the album sounds so much better with it there, which is like getting your chocolate in your peanut butter.

    HW: Born Again and Burning Flag for sure. They've got a raw, almost punk rock feel, and it's badass as fuck and so angry. It's Manson's rage boiling over and exploding. It's his hate and self-hate raging under the mask of the star, both for Adam Kadmon and Marilyn Manson. They're badass and glorious. Also, Suicide Is Painless.

    Golden Age: Honestly, I don't need my lyrics to be complex and meaningful all the time. I've got plenty of Manson that's like that. Sometimes I want sarcastic dick Manson. It's like like a parody of goth and especially mall goth culture that he'd tried to get educated during Mechanical Animals, or as he put it, "Yes, there's an alter ego in tow. In fact you will be visiting the altar of my ego and you will bow down before it. The new record brings out the dandy in me and accepting my life as my ultimate work of art as much as anything I create. Pushing the decadence to the limit. Much like I made the transition from Mechanical Animals, which was glamorous like a wonderful birthday cake. But this is like leaving the cake outside and the worms get in it and it starts to stink a little bit. It's quite beautiful and grotesque and inspired by the depression era, Vaudeville, 30s Berlin. My image is pushed completely to the extreme. It will be entirely what people are not expecting." He told everyone what it would be. Mechanical Animals was the one embraced by mainstream culture because he tried to infect it and it infected him instead, which was part of the plot of Holy Wood. So it's still brilliant. I have to say the entire album is underrated because nobody bothered to look at that quote. Also, the Goldfrapp remix of This Is The New Shit.

    EMDM: I also just love this entire album because it was something completely different, the guitar was amazing, and he did as he always does and reinvented himself to never stagnate just like Bowie. It also gave him a vastly wider female audience, which is both skilled manipulation of the system and actually more successful at Mechanical Animals mission of pulling overlooked kids into his world and teach them about America being a pile of shit. I'm daring enough to give this album credit for at least some of Bernie Sanders' success, because a lot of really smart fans were young and started here, and it got them educated about a ton of stuff, because they listened to the rest and became fans that looked for more of his interviews and stuff while defending him to others. This album did what he wanted MA to do. Golden Age mocked his failures (the ones just smart enough to know they were the dumbest person in the room, as he put it in the Disinformation Speech, describing about the rioters at Woodstock previously) while Holy Wood told some of it, Adam getting sucked into the system by trying to change it. The problem with his newer albums has just been that he's been more illusive with the story, and people didn't like two of them being more literally autobiographical. But all of them are telling of his life in some form, even Born Villain. That one just was as complex as the film inspiring much of it, hurting everyone's heads more than the Triptych. Songwise, Putting Holes in Happiness and The Red Carpet Grave. It makes more sense with depression. It embodies how it feels to me, both raw pain and repetitiveness. As Trent put it, "Every Day Is Exactly The Same".

    The High End of Low: Yeah, to each their own. I know it's not an objectively good album. The quality really comes down to if you relate to the lyrics. I do, many don't. If you've had a horrible, self destructive relationship that nearly drove you to your death you'd understand, but I'm glad you're far luckier. Lyrics are subjective, and this one is impossible to convince the other side of. It's kinda telling that more women relate to this one too. I'd bust out the math, but just remember we just were reminded "Get Your Gunn" was still relevant. Songwise, all of the alternate versions. I have a theory that they're the originals, and the final versions were forced by Interscope. "The Wow" too. Put them all together with the long version of Devour and the one song that was beeped with the unbeeped one and give it a listen.

    Born Villain: Nick never analysed this one like he did the others, and that's why it's mostly unpopular. If we knew what the fuck was going on from someone I'm not convinced is a human being and not an alien, mutant or robot, we'd like it more. There's probably gigabytes to write that us mere mortals fail to see. Part of me thinks they're somehow related at this point. Songwise, I love Murderers Are Getting Prettier Every Day and Pistol Whipped. Also, there's multiple cut tracks he said he'd release and never did and this makes me rather sad.

    The Pale Emperor: Eh, Cupid Carries a Gun. Oh, and the one he did live with Shooter once and then never made a studio version of!

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    I just realized how many great songs are underrated and forgotten by many. It's either because they have never been played live or never released as singles or perhaps just because not many people liked them.

    POAAF: I couldn't find any underrated song here, maybe it's because, as far as I remember, all songs have been played live multiple times during the first live shows.

    SLC: Manson's cover of I Put a Spell on You is much more interesting than anything else on the album.

    AS: There are multiple underrated songs on this one, such as Kinderfield (very important lyrically and simply a great song) or Minute of Decay (artistic emotional pornography).

    MA: I never thought of that before but it's surprising how many great, yet underrated songs can be found here. The most obvious example could be the title track, which is my love at first listen, yet I've heard that many find it boring. Another one could be Fundamentally Loathsome which never got enough attention. I don't like the drugs... is an interesting case that got quite a lot of attention back when the album was released, however it seems forgotten nowadays.

    HW: now here's an interesting case. Three of my favorite songs - GodEatGod, Target Audience and Lamb of God - are the ones that were never released as singles, never played live (with one exception) yet everyone seems to love them.

    TGAOG: There's one criminally underrated song here, one of the best in Manson's discography that never got the attention it deserved: Spade.

    EM,DM: You and Me and the Devil Makes 3 is a good example. I always liked it for it's cocky attitude and strange, cold sound. The title track is, right next to Spade, among my favorite underrated songs in the entire discography, on which many seem to agree, yet the song have only been played once. On the other hand, thinking about the quality of the live performance, maybe it's for the better...

    THEOL: The only one I can think of is I Have To Look Up Just To See Hell which I appreciate for it's creepy, psychedelic atmosphere.

    BV: Even though I'm not a big fan of the album, I would still love to see Overneath the Path of Misery, The Flowers of Evil, Lay Down your Goddamn Arms, Children of Cain and the title track getting more attention, especially from Manson who, as far as I remember, never played any of these live.

    TPE: Warship my Wreck played just once as an outro, Slave Only Dreams To Be King played just once and of course Odds of Even - probably the greatest song to end a concert with since the title track from EM,DM, never played live. Not even once!

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