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Thread: Mechanical Animals Visual Parallels

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lauren View Post
    By Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, 1993
    Thanks as ever for your posts here Lauren, they're always brilliant. It's interesting how often Feminist artwork bears similarity to Manson's visuals, whether accidentally or by design. There's some material included in the new stuff we're working on for the main site that the fans of Visual Parallels will hopefully enjoy. I'm still remaining tight-lipped though...

    Anyway, I was watching live footage of The Prodigy on DVD last night, and I saw this jacket that Keith Flint had worn on the tour for Invaders Must Die. I think there was a picture like this on their MySpace or website around the time of the tour [2008-9], but obviously at that stage, we wouldn't have had The High End Of Low and its tour to make the comparison:-

    Keith Flint Wears 'MY DOGS WILL KILL YOU'
    Marilyn Manson Wears 'HELL ETC.'

    Quite cool how those two clothing ideas are similar. Also, whether it was something we knew at the time or not, it's interesting that for both tours the name of either artist's Cooking Vinyl sub-label was adorned somewhere. In Manson's case HELL ETC. is obviously on his jacket, but Liam Howlett had Take Me To The Hospital on the back of his gear for the live shows:-

    I'm still over the moon that two of my favourite bands are now label mates, and with the fact that Rob Holiday has been in both bands, and Flint is a friend of Manson's, it would be doubly amazing if they collaborated in any way again. I hope these observations are enjoyable.

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    Manson in the Coma White video and a painting of Crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth.

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    ^ That one was obviously intentional with Coma White.

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    I thought this one was pretty good.

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    *Uncrumples note thrown onstage. "Who is your favorite visual artist?"

    Blah ....BLAH



    Rock ...ROCK




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    Default with david bowie.... lots of.

    Ziggy Stardust was a alien who came to earth and transforms in a rockstar addicted to drugs. quite similar to omega.

    ih the movie, the man who fell to earth...and the dope show video. both in the beginning i noticed the similarity.
    and i doubt this explanation:

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    Does everyone remember the series of short films made by AmpRockTV in 2012? Marilyn Manson was featured both in the music video they shot for Hey, Cruel World..., and in The Words series for Overneath The Path Of Misery. Anyway, they featured several artists for The Words, including Taylor Momsen of The Pretty Reckless. You'll likely also remember both Manson and Momsen performing together for the Revolver Golden Gods that year.

    Compare Manson's Mechanical Animals cover art with Momsen showing off her rather tasty self in Under The Water video:-

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    Hey everyone, I haven't been on here for a while but something I found the other day re-sparked my interest in making these visual parallels.

    Firstly, I found this interview from the summer of 1998 in which Marilyn Manson answers some pretty neat questions in regards to the concept and inspiration behind his then latest album, Mechanical Animals (for the newer fans).

    At around the 7:00 minute mark, he goes on to talk about the film "Le Planete Sauvage" (translated as "Fantastic Planet"), a French sci-fi animation from 1973 dealing with the prospect of man becoming an enslaved race of pet like creatures studied and played with by a superior race of large-headed blue skinned and red eyed aliens (one could also draw the idea that the recurring use of red and blue colorings as opposing shades in Manson's makeup choices around this era reflect the duality of his persona).

    I couldn't help but notice how the film's aesthetics may have rubbed off a little on the look Manson went for in the magazine shoot for RAYGUN.

    Here is a still from the film depicting one of the characters:

    And here is the aforementioned photo:

    It might not seem like much but I think it's definitely on the cards.
    Hope everyone is well.

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    ^Love this, kk_15

    <3 Great interview!!!!!

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