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Thread: Antichrist Superstar Visual Parallels

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    David Bowie's official Facebook page has shared a post about huH magazine, who featured David in 1995. A year later in support of Antichrist Superstar they would interview Marilyn Manson. As the post describes, none of the people involved with Bowie's article were part of ...Superstar, but looking at this collage it's hard not to see parallel with the typography, composition, and photography used in Manson's breakthrough...

    One wonders whether in addition to the bogus covers he submitted, if P.R. Brown was also influenced by this issue of the magazine.

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    At least in terms of the cursive lettering style, the offset juxtaposition of the book hand, and its use to divide the page into top and bottom. If it is inspired, I do like how there seems to be a deliberate inversion of all of these elements though (cursive on the bottom, small division on the bottom). If not, then it is a rather cool inversion that nods at Bowie in a rather nicely subtle way.
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