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Thread: What Went Wrong?

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    Quote Originally Posted by M Tragedy666 View Post
    ^^ I'd say he's less of a philosopher now.
    Yea, I know what you mean. I guess I just meant he isn't really the angry rockstar doing whatever it takes to piss everyone off now and is really able to branch out and do things he probably wouldn't have dared do back in the day, like popular television shows with comedic approaches, and things years ago he probably would have considered selling out, and approaches things more calmly, although yes, he has always done what he wants without regard to popular opinion.

    And yes, he is still very loud! :)
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    His downfall really hit me when he was a guest on Talking Dead. That was brutal.
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    It's weird because I'm probably more critical of Manson than many here (even going so far as to have a post removed for comparing his appearance to the Pillsbury Doughboy), but I don't get the Talking Dead Thing. I thought he sounded fine. He rambled a bit and dominated the conversation, but all of his points were lucid and actually quite analytical. He brought a layer of depth to the show that other guests often don't and provided an interesting analysis of some of the symbols, like the hat, etc. I'm just not seeing the trainwreck here others seem to see.

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    It's because if you know anything about Manson is he likes to go on major tangents. The Talking Dead is not some analytical show, it's a show designed to hype the next episode. People give short talking points and it bounces back and forth till the show is done. Manson went on thinking it was more than that. In a way he is a bit at fault for not even considering what the format of the shitty show is. However I commend him for trying his best to show what he thinks about TWD in general and not just that nights episode.
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    Well, using Rock am Ring as an example is silly, his festival shows have just been god awful for at least a decade. It's just a paycheck to him, an excuse for him to get intoxicated and party with shitty bands. He just couldn't possibly give a fuck. His smaller headlining tours have always been better. I honestly think the decline started with Twiggy's departure, and hit it's low point after his split with ERW. The tours supporting BV were good though, and he only seems to be getting better!

    (He came accross as a drunken bloated douche on The Talking dead. )

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    I don't get the Talking Dead thing either. It's a shitty hype show, Manson should have known better, yes, but his appearance per se wasn't bad.

    Festival shows always "suck" because of many reasons. First of all, Manson isn't a festival band. Festival people wanna party and be in a good mood, they love bands who yell "Now everybody jump and clap woohoooo!". Manson doesn't do that. Also, the sound, set times, production, lighting, audience, etc. are fucking shitty.

    I've just seen Manson in Vienna and Prague, both solo shows, Vienna was outdoors, Prage indoors, and while the performances were probably equally great, I enjoyed Prague a thousand times more. It's just more intimate.

    I love seeing Manson on stage, he's one of a kind, but I do get why some people don't get it. You have to be there to understand how his shows work.

    There have been ups and downs to his career, but that's just honest and reflects his personal life. I'm fine with that. I'd rather him admit he was fucked up for a period of time than him putting on an act. He is who he is.

    The song No Reflection says it best. I don't know which me that I love, I've got no reflection. That's him looking back, just like we're looking back.
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    I liked seeing him and hearing what he had to say on The Talking Dead.

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    I agree with Howard Stern's comments - I thought it was hilarious that he hijacked TTD and made it his bitch.

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