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Thread: Recent Films & Your Reviews III

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrBonestripper View Post
    the new hobbit movie is great!

    i fell asleep about half way in
    the first time i tried to watch it.

    the second time i feel asleep
    for about half an hour,
    but finished it.

    it was great
    lmfao -I adored these books as a kid. Every one of the movies has bored me to tears. The sets and tech details are fascinating. The movies, snooze fest. -I still want to sublet Bilbos place.
    "Even smiling makes my face ache."

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    Can I say The Strangers part 2? The sheep mask reminded me alot of the Wyatt Family from WWE.

    Nothing scary, just plain gore stuff and something to pass the time for a low budgie viewing pleasure.

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    Watched Blue Velvet and Lost Highway. Of the David Lynch films I've seen so far I like Mulholland Drive the most. Also watched Lars Von Trier's Antichrist.

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    Harry Brown, with Michael Caine ( Good film ) ........... all the good actors are old now! - Or death!

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    Two of the Alien Nation movies. Millennium was one of them. I'd enjoyed the series back in the early 90's.
    "done bun; can't be undone"

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    Awesome movie that'd make Tarantino proud... It almost felt like he owns this production. Think of it as Hostel/Fight Club female version. Even would make Ronda Rousey and the UFC women piss their pants on this one.

    It'll also make Katniss from Hunger Games seemed salvageable in the fights on this too.. No bows and arrows bullshit just pure Cynthia Rothrock-ish MMA fights...

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    When Im bored and can't sleep I catch a random movie on the TV, so I saw Cabin Fever 2
    That was sooo... odd. I mean the plot is nothing fantastic, A guy is infected and the fever reaches a town (mostly a high school) through the water and makes everybody loose skin and threw blood up and shit. THAT movie literally bought like at least 30 liters of fake blood, but first the movie pops out totally random scenes with unknown characters; and I mean one scene every 40 seconds. First a guy dyes in a coffee. Then a fat lady is making ponch WITH WATER (you'll guess what happens) and a blonde boy haves sex with her in the pool; she starts throwing up blood and while the guy is swimming out she drowns, and I DON'T KNOW WHY he falls in the water and it's an insta-kill (all in like 35 seconds). Then a cop goes to where the bottled water comes from and the guy who works there is shooted by cops who want to kil all the possible infected. Then our MOSTLY UNSEEN protagonist goes to a prom with his fat friend and the girl he loves is with a total asshole, of course the fat friend drinks ponch and after a fight and atuff she ends with the douche. Then GUESS WHAT, everybody (except the girl, the protagonist and the fatty) starts blooding out but police has arrived and locked the doors so they keep trapped in the gym, and everybody dyes.
    The protagonist gets out of school with the girl (fatty dead). Douche tryes to kill him but gets killed, cops traps the protagonist and the girl scapes.
    One really funny thing is that after all the blood and shit the movie had no budget so the movie ended with a minute long cartoon about how ONE GIRL is transmiting the fever to the free world.
    Be adviced that all this is inserted between every kind of gore scenes that makes no sence at all.

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    Blue is the Warmest Color - French lesbo flick.. Erotic sex scenes are almost borderline on Human Centipede-ish eroticism.

    Other than that, this one has LGBT boner level 10000000000000000 plus all over this movie.

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    This week I have seen two films for the first time, and four repeat viewings.

    Firstly it was GoodFellas, a re-watch naturally. It's interesting how the film is perceived as a Mafiosa piece, but largely focuses on two gangsters who are both of partial Irish descent. Still, famous as the Hill story is, it's still a great film, the pacing, deliberate use of Nouvelle Vague cinematography techniques, and snappy dialogue sets it aside from other, more epic Mafia films. It was strange as well, I watched it a mere few hours before reading that Vincent Asaro had been arrested in relation to the JFK Airport heist, nearly forty years later.

    After that, a back-to-back repeat session of New Zealand films Once Were Warriors and What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted?. Miserable films, but very adept in exploring modern Maori lifestyles in a suburban setting, and the effects alcoholism, domestic violence, and gangland activity have on the family unit.

    On Tuesday, two I'd not seen before, the biopic Gotti - notable for featuring several cast members of The Sopranos before the show's launch, and an ageing Anthony Quinn - and Casino Royale. Gotti I enjoyed, standard behind-the-scenes exploration of Cosa Nostra, although Casino Royale seemed dull. I know it's an attempt to reintroduce Bond as a gritty, 21st Century agent, but it was a bit clunky to be honest, like Batman Begins without anything interesting happening.

    Finally, last night I did another viewing of Carlito's Way, which is another grim journey, but featuring excellent acting and a nice subtle Pacino role where he's not barking at everyone.

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    I finally went to see Wolf of Wall Street the other day, which was awesome. I thought the performances were great, and it looked great as well. It was unexpectedly hilarious, too.

    I also watched Francis Ford Coppola's The Conversation, made in between the first two Godfather films. I wasn't sure of it for about the first half of the movie, but it got really good by the end, I'll have to go back through the whole thing again at some point. Coppola said it was influenced by Blowup from 1966, a film that I wanted to like way more than I did, it's a super cool idea. I love the idea of a person stumbling across a crime by accident, like Blue Velvet, as well.

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