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Thread: Recent Films & Your Reviews III

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    I’m a moderate fan and enjoyed this documentary. Gets pretty up close and personal into her life surrounding the release of her latest record. It’s a shame she’s so hard on herself.

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    The Eyes Of My Mother (2016) [SPOILERS]

    The Eyes Of My Mother is something totally unexpected to be released during a period of when the Horror genre is believed to be at it's lowest. This is perhaps the greatest horror film to be released since The VVITCH. Both are not your typical horror films. They are much more old fashioned, and are more stylish.

    The Eyes Of My Mother is a modern Noir, which is just as disturbing as it is intriguing. Right from the beginning, i was hooked in. The cinematography was very stylish and unique in it's own way. Going from extremely wide angles, to a Bird's Eye, to long shots. All are composed very well together, and the Black & White filter only enhances it's wonderful cinematography. The filter is perhaps the most unique aspect of the film, as very few films, particularly horror films, are shot in Black & White. It is something that is missed in the film industry. The contrasting of whites and blacks intensify what the film conveys. My favorite is a shot of our Protagonist/ Antagonist cleaning up a spill or mess on the floor. Us not knowing for sure if it is blood, or just a typical kitchen spill. This effect worked well in Hitchcock's "Psycho".

    The dialog is very minimal, as the visuals tell most of what the film wants to say. Reminds me of Lynch's "Eraserhead". As for the score, it is very well done. It doesn't distract too much from the film, as it is strictly to intensify a scene. Works really well for the film. Another part i loved about this film, is how it cuts away from us seeing any true violence. Right before it goes down, it cuts to another character, and their facial expression as they hear the violence happen. It creates a "Unknowing" Effect, which i love. The film obviously isn't about gore or being over-the-top with it's antics. The film is told in a subtle and mature way. I find this and The Boy (2015, not 2016) to be quite similar, as both are a coming-of-age/ becoming-of-a-serial-killer horror film. I also highly recommend The Boy.

    The 1 hour and 17 minute time stamp only leaves you wanting more, especially due to the ambiguity of it all. The woman who played Francisca (Which by the way, the name Francisca comes from a throwing axe used as a weapon during the Early Middle Ages by the Franks), was perfect for the role. Not only is she pretty, but she makes us believe she is friendly and polite, yet something extremely lethal, with no understanding of what is morally right or wrong. She is obviously a corrupt person, and something seems off about her. Who was raised to believe murder is a acceptable thing to do, and death is only a thing that makes her lonely, which is ultimately the theme of the film. As her family dies out, she is left all alone, and has only but her prisoner(s) to care for, and to claim as her "Best Friend". Just shows how lonely she really is. Since she lost her family, she try's to regain it back, in ways that are only to be told by the film itself.
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    Happy Death Day.

    Basically, Scream 90s slasher flick meets Groundhog Day...

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