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Thread: Favorite Song from Each Album?

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    Portrait: Cake and Sodomy - so early 90's rebellion of my teenage years.
    Antichrist: The Reflecting God - extremely powerful and epic. A masterpiece of a song.
    Mechanical Animals: Great Big White World - so climatic... one of my favorite songs to play on the guitar and I love the keyboards.
    Holy Wood : The Love Song - One of my favorite Manson songs. Sets the feel for the era. Love the lyrics and it's one of their best live songs.
    Golden Age: Spade - personal song.
    Eat Me, Drink Me - Putting Holes in Happiness - Love the guitar, the bass, the lyrics. I'm one of the few that love this video as well.
    High End of Low - Into The Fire - Another personal song. His voice in this is just amazing. The way he sings, "It's better to push something when it's slipping....". It's also such a simple solo, but works quite well.
    Born Villain - Lay Down Your Goddamn Arms - It's the guitar. Finally a Manson song in Drop C. Love the chorus.

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    Portrait - Cake and Sodomy

    ACS- The Refecting God
    MA- Fundamentally Loathsome
    HW- Lamb of God
    EMDM- They Said That Hell's Not Hot
    HEOL - Devour and Wight Spider
    BV - Overneath and The gardener

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    Default This Is Evolution...

    Portrait Of An American Family:
    Cake And Sodomy, Lunchbox, Wrapped In Plastic, Dope Hat, and Misery Machine. Just a classic album. Cake And Sodomy, awesome guitar, awesome lyrics. I want my birthday cake so say "Cake And Sodomy" on it. Dope Hat is such a trippy song! The keyboard is awesome. And the music video finishes it off. Awesome. Wrapped In Plastic is such a classic song. Soo Spooky Kids. LunchBox is the inspiration for me to be a ROCKSTAR. And to write. And the album finishes off with Misery Machine. Awesome song! I love the pause in the middle it plays like Scooby Doo sounds. So spooky. And the awesome Outro. And the 7 minute telephone ringing. And the voicemail at the end. Funny. "That's CLASSIC!"

    Antichrist Svperstar:
    Antichrist Superstar. The sound of the guitar and the crowd roaring just gives me frission. Goosebumps. Such a badass song. This and The Reflecting god/ Irresponsible Hate Anthem.

    Mechanical Animals:
    My personal favorite album. I choose two, The Speed Of Pain, and Great Big White World. GBWW is an amazing song. Great way to open an amazing album. Love the synths/keyboards. Speed of pain is soo beautiful, and very climatic.

    Holy Wood: This album is the Manson Masterpiece. Has soo many religious references. I have a couple, A Place In The Dirt, Born Again, and King Kill 33°. A Place In The Dirt is my favorite song. Amazing keyboard and synths. Great lyrics. "Put me in the Death Parade". Born Again is like the ultimate Pop-Metal song. Love the chorus. Great guitar. It explains Adams transformation. (The Three Live songs). And King Kill 33° is such a badass song. Makes you want to go out and Kill!

    The Golden Age Of Grotesque:
    Doll-Dagga-Buzz-Buzz-Zigety-Zag, Better Of Two Evils, The Golden Age Of Grotesque and Para-Noir. Doll-Dagga-Buzz-Buzz-Zigety-Zag has that awesome industrial "Ghetto Metal" sound to it. "Go go go! Doppelgängers! You're one of us!" There should of been more songs like this on here. The Golden Age Of Grotesque is such a f*cking awesome song! The theme of this album. Amazing distorted bass. And has a awesome live performance. Better of two evils has great lyrics. (Hey!). Very metallic. (Yeah Yeah Yeah). And Para-Noir is soo badass. Guitar is simple but great. One of his greatest guitar solos (next to Astonishing Panorama Of The Endtimes and Fundamentally Loathsome). So cool.

    Eat Me, Drink Me: Heart Shaped Glasses, Evidence, They said that hells not hot, If I was your vampire.. Pretty much all! My third fav album. Heart shaped glasses has a very distinctive, dark, sexy, romantic feel to it. Love the keyboard. And his voice is amazing. And the music video got me hooked. Evidence is soo dark. The intro and the extended Outro is soo spooky. Fantastic instrumentals.(along with the whole album [Skold]). They said that hells not hot is so hot. Great guitars. I love the chorus. Very dark. If I Was Your Vampire is the PERFEKT song to play on Halloween. Or Christmas mourning... Such a beautiful song. Great way to start the album. I downloaded the version where it starts with the intro used on the Rape Of The World Tour. So awesome!

    The High End Of Low: Devour, Into The Fire, Unkillable Monster, and Wight Spider. Devour, also know as the "Alternate Ending". I love this song. Starts as very soft and quiet, and ends powerful. When he sings "And I'll love you.. If you let me. And I'll love you... If you won't make me starve!" I like die. Unkillable Monster is a VERY powerful song. Very sad. So is the album. I break down and cry when I hear it. Into The Fire has great piano in it. A simple, but amazing guitar solo. Fully Twiggy. Wight Spider is a very dark, "Cool" song. "Wrap my clothes around you tight."

    Born Villian: Lay Down Your Goddamn Arms. And Slo-Mo-Tion. Lay down your goddamn arms has the best guitar on BV. Great chorus. And Slo-mo-Tion, when I first heard it when I bought the album, I knew this would be a single, and have a awesome music video. And it did!! Awesome lyrics. He should do a pilot episode on his website of a show named "Slo-Mo-Tion". Love it all!!

    Sorry for choosing more than ONE, but it is soooo hard to choose. I tried to narrow it down close as possible. All great! He's recording a new album, gonna have great ones too!!
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    Difficult question. I won't put too much thought on this, because these lists are usually volatile:

    Portrait Of An American Family: Wrapped in Plastic.
    Antichrist Superstar: Tourniquet.
    Mechanical Animals: Coma White
    Holy Wood: Lamb Of God
    The Golden Age Of Grotesque: Doll-dagga-buzz-buzz-ziggety-zagg, the only song that really captures the ideas, visuals and artistic references on a so-called "album about thew spirit of the Weimar republic era".
    Eat Me, Drink Me: Evidence
    The High End Of Low: Devour
    Born Villain: Born Villain (actually, the only one I like from this album).

    Non-album track: Long Hard road Out Of Hell
    Cover: Down In The Park.

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    Port r
    Portrait - wrapped in plastic
    Smells - rock n roll nigger
    Accs - reflecting god/irresponsible hate anthem
    Mechanical - dissasiotive(my fav slow man song)
    Holywood - the death song
    GAOG - ka-boom
    Eat me - red carpet grave
    Theol- Wight spider/ four horses
    Born villian - slo-mo-tion
    Fav cover- personal Jesus
    Fav other song- astoning para etc
    Spelling sucks.
    Write our prayers on a little bomb,
    Kiss it on the face then send it to god....

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    Portrait - Organ Grinder...although i like the remix better
    Antichrist - Man That You Fear
    Mechanical Animals - Really hard to choose one..It's my favorite album. But I say the title track has a story in my that's my choice.
    Holly Wood - Crucifiction in Space..but i'm not sure..really hard too. lol
    Golden age - Spade..Really good one too..although I was pissed when it was released because i couldn't accept Tim Skold in the band.
    Eat me, drink me - That's it..i cannot choose one. If I was your vampire, putting holes in happiness and they said the hell is not favorites.
    High end of low - Running to the edge of the world
    BV - Slo-Mo-Tion

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    Portrait : Cyclops (Very heavy, ruthless)

    Antichrist Superstar : Man That You Fear (I feel i can feel Manson on this track, especially after reading the long hard road out of hell and hear about all the emotion going on at the time, this track really takes control.)

    Mechanical Animals : Speed Of Pain (Again very emotional, one of the best track of all time)

    Holy Wood : Lamb Of God (Very Unique and meaning full)

    Golden Age : Better Of Two Evils (Manson has never sounded so bad ass)

    EMDM : Just A Car Crash Away

    THEOL: Running To The Edge Of The World

    BV: Murders (Literally rapes you in the ear)

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    I find your taste quite classy indeed, Indeed.

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    Portrait of an American Family - Lunchbox
    Antichrist Superstar - Irresponsible Hate Anthem
    Mechanical Animals - I Don't Like The Drugs (But The Drugs Like Me)
    Holy Wood - Cruci-Fiction In Space
    The Golden Age of Grotesque - Doll-Dagga Buzz-Buzz Ziggety-Zag
    Eat Me, Drink Me - If I Was Your Vampire
    The High End of Low - I Want To Kill You Like They Do In The Movies
    Born Villain - The Gardener

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    Early stuff - Thrift
    Anti - Tourniquet
    MA - Disassociative [ this is a hard choice to make]
    Holy Wood - In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death [hard choice to make]
    TGAOG - Spade
    EMDM - I f I Was Your Vampire
    THEOL - Devour or I Want To Kill You....I can't decide at all
    Born Villain - Lay Down Your Goddamn Arms

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