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Thread: Favorite Song from Each Album?

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    I listen to the Fight song and Coma White Alot. Like more then I probably should. In fact I pretty much listen to holywood more then any other.
    I love most of MM music I just gravitate towards holywood because I feel like no one gives a shit about me whether its family or friends so I just listen to MM and say fuck it.

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    Same as above, my list'll be different by tomorrow, and again the next day, but:

    Portrait of an American Family - Misery Machine
    Smells Like Children - Rock n Roll Nigger
    Antichrist Superstar - Tourniquet, Man That You Fear
    Mechanical Animals - Disassociative, Fundamentally Loathesome, I Dont Like the Drugs
    Holy Wood - In the Shadow of the Valley of Death, A Place in the Dirt
    The Golden Age of Grotesque - The Golden Age of Grotesque
    Eat Me, Drink Me - Eat Me Drink Me, Evidence, You and Me and the Devil Makes 3
    The High End of Low - I Have to Look Up Just to See Hell [Alternate], Four Rusted Horses [Opening Titles]
    Born Villain - Slo-Mo-Tion
    The Pale Emperor - The Mephistopheles of Los Angeles, Third Day of a Seven Day Binge

    Non-Album Song - Apple of Sodom

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    My list pretty much remained the same, it's just that The Pale Emperor wasn't out yet when I first posted it. So, as far as The Pale Emperor went, I'd have to go with The Mephistopheles of Los Angeles.

    However, The Devil Beneath My Feet, Birds of Hell Awaiting and Cupid Carries a Gun run very close right behind it. Killing Strangers was also one hell of an opener as well.
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    Changes weekly, but as of right now

    POAFF - Wrapped in Plastic
    ACSS - The Reflecting God
    MA - I Don't Like the Drugs...
    HW - Target Audience
    THEOL - Wight Spider
    BV - Overneath the Path of Misery
    TPE - Odds of Even

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    As of now:

    POAAF: Misery Machine
    SLC: I Put a Spell on You
    AS: Man That you Fear
    MA: Mechanical Animals
    HW: A Place in the Dirt
    TGAOG: The Bright Young Things
    THEOL: Leave a Scar
    BV: Children of Cain
    TPE: Warship my Wreck

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    POAAF - Dope Hat
    SLC - Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This
    ACSS - The Minute Of Decay
    MA - Mechanical Animals
    HW - The Lamb Of God ()
    TGAOG - This Is The New Shit (never understood, why there is so much dislike towards it...)
    EMDM - Eat Me Drink Me
    THEOL - Devour
    BV - No Reflection (canīt stand it live though)
    TPE - Deep Six
    SAY10 - TBD soon

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    POAAF - Dope Hat
    SLC - I Put A Spell On You
    ACSS - The Reflecting God
    MA – Fundamentally Loathsome
    HW – Target Audience
    TGAOG - Spade
    EMDM - Eat Me Drink Me
    THEOL – Into The Fire
    BV – Children Of Cain
    TPE – Warship My Wreck

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iulian View Post
    Portrait of an American Family - Lunchbox
    Antichrist Superstar - Mister Superstar
    Mechanical Animals - I Don't Like The Drugs (But The Drugs Like Me)
    Holy Wood - King Kill 33š
    The Golden Age of Grotesque - Spade
    Eat Me, Drink Me - Eat Me, Drink Me
    The High End of Low - Unkillable Monster
    Born Villain - Murderers Are Getting Prettier Every Day
    The only ones that changed are:
    ACSS - The Beautiful People
    MA - Great Big White World

    As for The Pale Emperor - Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge

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    Portrait Of An American Family - Dogma
    Smells like Children - Kiddie Grinder
    Antichrist Superstar - Man that you fear
    Mechanical Animals - Posthuman
    Holy Wood - Coma Black
    The Golden Age Of Grotesque - Spade
    Eat Me, Drink Me - Evidence
    The High End Of Low - WOW
    Born Villain - Children of Cain
    The Pale Emperor - Warship My Wreck

    it's a tough one to be honest...

    ...Stand down dick fighters...

    Cash is a poor mans $ money $

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    Portrait of an american family - Lunchbox
    Smells like children - I put a spell on you
    Antichrist Superstar - Minute of decay
    Mechanical animals - Fundamentally loathsome
    Holy wood - Godeatgod / The love song / King kill 33°
    The golden age of grotesque - This is the new shit
    Eat me, drink me - They said that hell's not hot
    The high end of low - Devour / I have to look up...
    Born villain - Overneath / You're so vain
    The pale emperor - Third day of a seven day binge
    Heaven upside down - Say10 / Revelation #12

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