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Portrait Of An American Family Snake Eyes And Sissies

Antichrist Superstar The Reflecting God

Mechanical Animals The Last Day On Earth

Holy Wood (In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death) Cruci-Fiction In Space

The Golden Age Of Grotesque Spade


The High End Of Low I Have To Look Up Just To See Hell

Born Villain Children Of Cain
All the above are still pretty spot-on, although I've given A Place In The Dirt a lot more time recently. However they put that track together in the studio, it's absolutely desolate, and perhaps more representative of Holy Wood overall. Still, that can always fluctuate.

Here's the last two albums as well:-

The Pale Emperor Odds Of Even

Heaven Upside Down Saturnalia

No hesitation on either of those. Both albums are full of immense songs, it was hard not to select Slave Only Dreams To Be King for ...Emperor, but yeah, those are the strongest on both albums, I think.