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Thread: Favorite Song from Each Album?

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    I'll give it a go, but as always with favourite songs/ albums I'm not responsible for changing my mind later on. It's all y'all fault for making me try to choose.

    Portrait: Snake Eyes & Sissies
    ACSS: Dried Up, Tied & Dead to the World
    MA: Fundamentally Loathsome
    HW: In the Shadow of the Valley of Death
    GAOG: Spade
    EMDM: You and Me and the Devil Makes 3
    THEOL: Devour
    BV: Children of Cain
    TPE: Warship My Wreck
    HUD: Blood Honey

    Possibly unpopular opinion, it was the more recent albums that were the harder decisions for me. Four Rusted Horses, Wight Spider, I Have To Look Up Just To See Hell, Into the Fire, No Reflection, Slo-Mo-Tion and Kill4Me all gave me a good hard think before settling on just one. In the end I only went with Blood Honey because Kill4Me is all about the lyrics for me, but Blood Honey is more to my musical taste as well.
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    The constant love for Saturnalia speaks volumes about the quality of that song. Peak moment.

    Although (and please debate/contest me on this) I still don't rate it higher than my favourite songs from ...Low and Born Villain (if you're lazy they're I Have To Look Up Just To See Hell and Children Of Cain).

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    Portrait: Misery Machine
    ACSS: Angel With The Scabbed Wings
    MA: Coma White
    HW: The Love Song
    GAOG: title track
    EMDM: title track
    THELOL: n/a years later I still cant stand this album
    BV: Pistol Whipped
    TPE: Cupid Carries A Gun
    HUD: Saturnalia. And I have to mention that this is by far my favorite Manson tune. At this point I had accepted that Manson's lyrical abilities had died and been set on fire years ago, and then the fucker proved me wrong.

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    New list

    POAAF: Sweet Tooth
    ACSS: Kinderfeld
    MA: The Speed Of Pain
    HW: A Place In The Dirt
    TGAOG: Spade
    EMDM: EAT ME, DRINK ME (Instrumental version particularly)
    THEOL: Into The Fire
    BV: Lay Down Your Goddamn Arms
    TPE: Cupid Carries A Gun
    HUD: Saturnalia

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