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Thread: [0007]: Aug 12 2014 - Lucerna - Prague, Czech Republic

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    Quote Originally Posted by NapalmHeart View Post
    Dude, lay off the crack. Manson fucking delivered. It was probably the best fucking show in over a decade. Look up a rare performance of Mister Superstar from 1997, and you'll see fuck ups too. Who the fuck cares. He forgot some words during Get Your Gunn too, and turned it into the best and funniest performance of that song ever. Watch him at the Bizarre Festival 1997, almost exactly 17 years ago. There he was fucking wasted, his voice was croaky - and he fucked up Get Your Gunn.

    Who the fuck cares. I was at the show, and it's always different when you're actually at the show. Stop judging goddamn YouTube clips, for fucking Christ without Christ's sake.

    If you don't wanna spend money on the show, your fucking loss. You'll just miss a band that's on fire, a great setlist and stage show, and most of all Manson, who was NOT drunk at the show and had the best voice out of all the shows I've been to.

    Go see other bands then, maybe you'll like their jackets more.

    I'm so sick of bullshit comments like yours, from people who weren't even at the show. Even my friend, who's not a fan, said that it's one of the best shows he's ever been to. After just one show (Vienna) he became a fan, and was especially surprised by how amazing Manson is live, and how he interacts with the audience.

    Manson is not the typical "now everyone jump and clap wooohooo smile, I love you!". He gets on stage, does his thing, and that's it. That's why I fucking love seeing him live, and why many other bands just annoy me live, even if I like their music.

    There is no other performer like Manson. Am I biased when I say this? Probably, I'm a huge fan. But I'm a fan for a reason. I love Manson because I love his live shows, not the other way around. I had some criticism for the shows in 2007, 2009 and 2012 myself, I'm not an ass-kissing fan boy. There were some lame performances in 2007, some train wrecks in 2009 and still some room for improvement in 2012. But these two shows in 2014 were fucking badass.

    Just watch this fucking performance and tell me you wouldn't pay money to see this. He fucking nailed it, and killed the other songs as well.

    ...and Vienna wasn't even the best show from this mini-tour (it was right after Prague the second best show I've seen, but it was open-air, raining, less intimate, a few technical issues, no Tyler Bates, no stilts, no backdrop, etc.)


    I know the audio sucks, but this beats most Dead to the World performances:

    EDIT: Looks like being on fire is contagious. I'm calm, I'm calm.
    You know what, sometimes we have to push peoples buttons in a way so that we can bring up the best from them. I actualy sympathize and relate with your passion. You evidently had a great experience over there and are now showing how you appreciated it and how unfair some outside reviews can be. Its legit and totaly great you do that. It happened with me several times already and I can understand where you come from. Thats why I started saying I wasn't actualy present at any of these shows so that it should be taken with a grain of salt. It wasn't the best thread to write this as this particular show did seem to be much better than several others from this mini tour - as all solo shows always are -, the comment wasn't specifically about this one too, more of a general comment on the whole thing. I didnt want to ruin your post-show enjoyment so I'm sorry If I did in some way.

    Despite that, as you know, there is more than one opinion about everything and I will never compromise mine for anything, even if it differs from yours or anyone elses. Rock n Roll's libertine idiosyncrasy stimulates mistakes, of course (thank god it does!), but the way I see it it isnt a passport for non stop fuck ups. So if you dont care about them fine, but when they start being more prevalent than they should be, I start caring about them because they kinda compromise my experience as a listener. Even if it doesnt look or sound so these days, Manson used to be a perfeccionist to the point of recording the shows to study and take the best effect out of theatrics, proops and moves. Of course he also fucked up bad back then, but I think now its becoming more a "I do what I want, even if I fuck it all up because, you know, I'm Marilyn Manson and this is rock". While he was promoting BV, he said he didn't want to take things for granted in the sense of didnt wanting to presume everyone in the audience even knew him, so he wanted to impress them the same way he used to do when he began. Well, I dont think fucking it up will help you with that. Whats the point of having a great backing band of talented musicians if you keep acting non-professionaly? For you, it was a great Get you Gunn version, and I'm glad it was, but not for me. And yes, he screamed greatfully on Little Horn, but well, fucked it up too lol

    You don't need to tell me how's a typical Manson onstage, I listen to the band since ACSS and go to their shows since The Last Tour on Earth. Believe me, I know how amazing he is and its precisely because of that that I must speak my mind when I think he can do better. I'll never be a yes man and a yes fan. You may think this is just bitchery, but its not. Manson is, by far, the most important artistic reference I can find since the 90's and nothings gonna change that. He's Far better than he was on HEOL tour, but what can I tell you... He just familiarized me with A level amazing-quality live shows and I think he's still up to them. I'm anticipating a great new era by the way.

    I like deep emotional challenging answers, so my respect to you

    cheers and keep rocking
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