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Thread: [0003]: Aug 06 2014 - Tivoli Vredenburg - Utrecht, Netherlands

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    Overall the band is sounding great. Sometimes there's that warm up period on the first couple of shows as they iron out the kinks (and there was the usual minor problem here and there) but for the most part everything sounds killer. Manson's voice is sounding good.
    I'm not sure on the two guitars thing. I always enjoyed when Manson got on guitar for a couple of songs (Dried Up, etc), and I guess this ruins any hope of that happening, but mostly I feel like it's unnecessary for a lot of songs. Some guy standing on a riser up the back playing second guitar in a Tripp jacket, just reminds me of Deathstars somewhat. I'd prefer to have keyboards, I'm not a fan of overly relying on backing tracks and when you've got main melody parts or the crazy keys in ACSS just erupting out of nowhere, it just seems weird. Maybe the second guitar will grow on me over time, but I'd still want some keys up there.
    Gil seems to be doing a good job on the kit. He totally looks like he doesn't belong up there with the rest of the band looks-wise, but the playing sounds great. My one gripe would be to say can we please just have another drummer that can play the chorus to The Dope Show correctly? It's close, but no cigar. A minor thing but it's a great part that's not hard to play for guys of this calibre. Maybe I just notice it more being a drummer, but I think it lets the chorus down somewhat.

    Quote Originally Posted by S.D. View Post
    Besides, even fully aware that these tracks were rehearsed for playing, it's still intense to think about ...Gunn and ...God making a setlist for the first time in, well, a long time.
    TRG was last played in 2007 and, as far as I'm aware, that was also the last time anything at all was played from Portrait.
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    the intro....mmmhmmm

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Empirical Guy View Post
    TRG was last played in 2007 and, as far as I'm aware, that was also the last time anything at all was played from Portrait.
    Fragments of "Prelude (The Family Trip)" were actually performed as a spoken word intro for "mOBSCENE" on the Masters of Madness tour last year.

    But, yeah, other than that the most recent performances of ANYTHING from Portrait of an American Family was the medley of "Sweet Dreams.../Lunchbox" from '07.

    And "The Reflecting God" was actually performed on the anniversary of the release of Antichrist Superstar in Lincoln, NE on the Twins of Evil tour, as well as having been soundchecked at least a few times, too.

    While we're at it, "Get Your Gunn" was last performed on the Against All Gods tour in '05 and "Mister Superstar" was last performed as an intro for "1996" back in '01.

    Jesus HELL, I'd say the setlists have really gotten amazing but honestly they've ALWAYS been amazing.


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    I found every song except these:
    No Reflection
    Hey, Cruel World...
    The Dope Show
    Irresponsible Hate Anthem
    The Reflecting God

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    Reflecting God...finally. Unfortunately its not the best quality.
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    Another TRG source


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    This show was really good!! I've seen him in The Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam 2009, and this one. I liked this concert far better, much more overview and intimate He had far more interaction with the public! There was a moshpit during the whole concert (A friend and me started it during the second song, it never stopped, sorry xD) He gave a killer show!!
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