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Thread: Disney sign and TGAOG album artwork

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    Default Disney sign and TGAOG album artwork

    I was on Facebook tonight when a post popped up for "Mickeys Halloween Party" and either side was a symbol that's also used in Marilyn Manson's The Golden Age Of Grotesque booklet, so it made me laugh and I thought maybe it was a fan made Disney thing, but it turns out it's real! covers this symbol as a stylized version of an insignia worn by Nazi military bandsmen on their jackets, so I wouldn't expect Disney to be using it. Now I'm wondering if the stylized version came from Disney and it's so close to the Nazi insignia it works both ways for MM, or if both MM and Disney have just ended up using something based off the Nazi military insignia?

    Just wanted to share that, thought it was cool. Never seen anyone talk about this insignia and Disney before.

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    It's a small world afterall..
    [Sorry I had to]

    Nice find!

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    Ironic enough Disney didn't want him using the original photos with the mouse ears. Walt Disney has been notorious for being anti-semetic as well. Maybe it was something in his honor.
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