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Thread: Sad/Disturbing things you think of while laying in bed

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    I still end up thinking about my failures, flaws and regrets at night. It just leaves me with a combination of shame, guilt and loneliness. I sometimes thought that I overcame it, but it still seems to strike at any given night. This isn't to say that it always leaves me feeling completely miserable, but it obviously still manages to bum me out a bit.
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    I have been having a cup of sleepytime tea ( extra strength ) and put on the NASA Voyager recordings of Neptune. Its Peaceful. But I really get into imagining hurricanes and violent storms that are happening on other planets. I can get real wrapped up in it. Lol + visualizing the over the top hellish things like Volcanoes .. And before You know it ..I have insomnia ..haha ... Get up and plug My electric Guitar in ..jack in to the Matrix. Cheers - Two Faced Egg (TwentyThree)
    "Fake realities will create fake humans. Or, fake humans will generate fake realities and sell them to other humans, turning them, eventually, into forgeries of themself" -Philip K. Dick

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    I often begin to think about dying when I am in bed- maybe a coffin association. When that doesn't happen, I think about all the abnormal situations I usually get myself in everyday.

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    - I'm either going to die before them, or suffer through outliving the people I love. There is no way around one of those two options.

    - Every time somebody thinks that they're leaving a huge cultural or artistic legacy, they're not. Humanity is not going to be around for all that long in the scheme of things. Everything will be obliterated.

    - The medical field can't even properly diagnose most illnesses, let alone treat them.

    - I have no idea who owned all of the antiques I've acquired from sources that are not older members of my family. Where did these items come from? I bet those people never imagined their prized possessions in the hands of a complete stranger. Who is going to end up with all of my weird, niche, obsession-driven collections?

    - Manhattan is going to be entirely underwater sooner rather than later.

    - Most people who are incredible at what they do will never be recognized for such or paid for that skill.

    - There are so many more "colors" that exist that we can't see.

    - I will never have a pet raccoon.

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    That Pet Raccoon part was the saddest. Not being sarcastic either. It's Sad.
    "Fake realities will create fake humans. Or, fake humans will generate fake realities and sell them to other humans, turning them, eventually, into forgeries of themself" -Philip K. Dick

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    How I've pretty much lived on the Internet since 2010 which was the opposite of how I used to be though I did use it. That and how detached and fucked up in a way that what I used to play as characters, as a joke, has become my reality and how detached I've become from who I used to be and who people used to like, love and care about. I had an Ex Girlfriend who was a Phant Member who told me that I was either going to kill myself or destroy myself. And I have destroyed myself. How much of an ass I've made out of myself. How much of my life I've given to just being a ridiculous clown instead of just learning to moderate actual humor and real conversations. I've sabotaged myself in other ways that aren't almost getting myself killed or slowly poisoning myself to death. There are so many people that I would get along with if I took them or even myself seriously again but I gave that away when I failed to really stay true to myself. I've befriended people who aren't really my friends and also fucked up and passed up on friendships that could have been just because I can't handle my emotions or accept reality still.

    - How much of a Hypocrite I am. How much time I spend playing Devil's Advocate instead of just taking part in an actual genuine intelligent conversation "nowadays" and how I can never admit when I am wrong anymore like I used to.

    - How much time I've wasted investing all of my energy into how much I think about things that don't really matter and all of the things that I can't do instead of just living my life again and enjoying it. I forgot how to just be an individual who takes pleasure in doing things that I enjoy. Now all I do is talk and think about illness, restrictions, intentionally crooked logic to escape being depressed and how much I hate certain things.

    - Not being able to admit that I'm not actually that funny or enjoyable to be around anymore. That and how all of these mind games that I have played with others as a form of revenge out of bitterness, even against people who have done nothing to me, have come back to haunt me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shangri-LIE View Post
    have come back to haunt me.
    Some humans might call it karma, but I call it cause and effect.

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    If I'll ever see Tool live again. Not really sad or disturbing but you get the idea.

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    Laying in bed is actually one of my most pleasant parts of the day. It's when I'm around humans that I think about how socially awkward I am and don't fit in with anyone.

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    You keep on saying to yourself there is a light at the end of the tunnel
    Waiting for a saviour that never comes a dark hero to vanquish the ills of the world
    But life slowly drains out of us and our nations what we stood for crumbles our cities into ruins and ashes in our mouths
    some poetry for today

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