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Thread: new symbol = wiccan+witchcraft+christianity

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    Default new symbol = wiccan+witchcraft+christianity

    in my eyes, this symbol is made with three basic symbols.

    Two Ehwaz runes.

    a protection circle.

    and 4 lorrain crosses.

    The interesting thing here is those parts are from three different kind of "beliefs", wiccan, witchcraft, and christianity.
    it also interesting that putting that things together, it looks like a crosshair.
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    Including the circle on his head, probably. It's all generally been a subject that's never left his side.

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    I agree and see that and it's also interesting that it rests atop or over the double M's.
    It looks exciting.

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    stuck in the middle with you.
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    This must be ssolved!

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    I thought that crosshair would fit perfectly in that big blue circle on his forehead.. shoot motherfucker
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    Not a target, but the scope pointed. Ready to pull the trigger

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    Why does everything always have to be so damn complicated? I think certain users should be appointed the user title or rank of "Professor" and given the ability to correct, delete, and flunk threads. Not saying this thread is one of them, but I can feel the storm a'comin. The new record is about killing people and why certain people should just off themselves. It's simple really. Nothing more, nothing less. "Death from above". Everyone into the temple, now!

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