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Thread: [003]: Jan 24 2015 - Starland Ballroom - Sayreville, New Jersey, USA

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    This guy recorded some great videos from yesterday's gig:

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    It was a great show... the first show for my wife... I would say that we got there at 7:45 and the line was wrapped around the building and then some.... Opening band was good,... Manson sounded great and band sounded tight and it seemed to be one of the best shows I have ever been to of his. This was my 9th show and have been seeing him in the NY/NJ/PA area since 2001. There was lot of fights which was great for us because with every fight and people getting taken out, the closer we got.

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    Great link. This is the best intro used since Schubert.

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    Twiggy looks at him and it's like ''nope, just playing my bass''
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    Great show, so much fun! Had a perfect spot elevated behind the sound board and near the bar, saw Hugh hanging out.
    Lots of people being taken out of the pit, looked rough as fuck and I'm glad I wasn't up there.

    The set seemed scaled down compared to Philly prob because the stage is so small at Starland but the music and MM's performance delivered.
    He looked great and sounded better than when I saw him on the last tour, the band was on fire and as tight as hell. Having said that Twiggy looked bored.

    The new songs sounded great live and fit well with the older ones, glad to finally have a different closer than TBP which I'm pretty sure has closed the set for a decade.

    Took my gf, first time Manson show for her and she loved it.

    Bought a shirt for $35, and a rubber bracelet $10.
    They also had a PE cover pic shirt/tour dates on back and a bandage face shirt/tour dates on back, keychains and other stuff I can't remember.

    Setlist was same as Philly
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    "Captain Aids"
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    I see the setlist slowly going back to normal. :-/

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    Yeah. It's disappointing that Manson said they were going to change the setlist around and then performed the exact same setlist the very next night.
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    Awesome set (I still prefer the first one with Sweet Dreams acoustic, Beautiful People not at the end, and the Mister Superstar/warship my wreck medley). But 16 tracks is cool and the band sounds really great live, very excited.

    Happy he didn't start with Europe, let's hope for stronger show

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    MOLA.. so nice to hear solid guitar playing void of flubs and imperfections ala Twiggy.

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