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Thread: Your ideal Manson co-headliner?

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    Default Your ideal Manson co-headliner?

    I know many of you prefer Manson solo tours to co-headlined ones, and I don't disagree, particularly given the shit that's happened on the last few such tours. But, from a purely business perspective, these sorts of tours are unavoidable, given the state of the music industry.

    So who would you all like to see Manson tour with if you had your druthers?

    My vote, as I've said elsewhere, goes to King Diamond. I think his style of theatrical metal would blend very nicely with Manson's, and I also think it makes a bit more sense than Alice Cooper or Rob Zombie did, for instance:

    1. King Diamond's shows are highly theatrical, but not nearly as reliant on big spectacles like pyrotechnics or multiple screens the way the other two are. His shows are much more prop heavy - less expense for greater effect.

    2. Kind Diamond isn't a stadium dinosaur like the other two. He has a cult following, but Manson would assuredly be the bigger act in America, and quite probably in Europe too. His fans wouldn't threaten to swallow up the Manson fans in the same way Alice Cooper's did on the last go-around, for instance.

    Manson would probably take top billing on the tour. Which means a longer set.

    3. Diamond does play a much more traditionalist sort of guitar harmonic-driven heavy metal than Manson, but it's not like Slayer, where sometimes their fans took umbrage at the band playing with some POSEUR FAGGOT like Manson. Diamond's fans are much more appreciative of a theatrical approach to metal.

    There are differences, of course - King Diamond tells ghost stories through his music, and his work is much more on-the-nose than Manson's metaphorical style. But I think it would be an absolutely badass tour. And I suspect they'd probably get on like gangbusters personally, having similar individual backgrounds and both having dabbled in the Church of Satan early in their careers.
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    Diamond's a great choice, but, if we're talking never-happen-in-a-million-years fantasy shit, I'm going to go with NIN. Trent's approach to a live show is the exact opposite of Manson's. I like that dichotomy. Perfectly planned versus chaotic.

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    Not a King Diamond fan, I find his high pitch falsettos silly/hard on my ears. But I respect him and recently was linked to "Give me Your Soul" and I checked out the album with least "high pitches" and sorta liked it but the some other stuff I tried a decade ago and just recently and it isn't my cup of tea for the most part. But I like the way you broke it down.

    However I think Wednesday 13 or Skinny Puppy would be amazing.

    I've seen them twice and they are amazing. High energy, catchy horror-punk/rock. They're friends. No egos.

    Theatrical. Inspiration to the band. Better live than modern NIN. Will be seeing them on Dec 2nd for my 2nd time.

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    I have always dreamed for The Prodigy to co-headline with Manson, plus they are much more "harder" and energetic modern electronic band with Rob Holliday on guitars(!) they have been on the the same record label for over two years now, on top of that Keith Flint have gotten fucked up and did a lot of stupid shit with Manson far too many time to remember. Probably will never happen but just thinking about it is great.

    Quote Originally Posted by S.D. View Post

    oh and during the HCW tour i always thought it would be funny if Goon Moon opened!
    dream on...
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    One more pro-King Diamond argument, which I wasn't aware of last night:

    Diamond just released an album, Dreams Of Horror, which debuted at 28 on the Billboard Heavy Music chart. That's actually very solid for a sixty-year-old Norwegian who sings like a castrato, particularly given the fact that his music is rooted more in the Tipton/Downing tradition of melodic leads ala the NWOBHM than the currently more popular extreme forms of metal.

    The Pale Emperor will unquestionably beat it in America, but it proves they're playing in the same sandbox economically.

    And it also means they'll be touring in roughly the same timeframe...
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    King diamond? Bleh..he plays the empire room in Va. Just like PM5K its a step down.
    Ghost could be ok.

    Korn would be best.

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    Something completely non typical for the MM fans to enjoy. Maybe an artist the MM likes on a personal level and knows will cause more WTF reaction from fans. Die Antwoord, Cage, BRMC. Keep it fresh.

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    I wouldn't mind King Diamond. I haven't liked any of the openers that Manson has ever had.

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