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Thread: Creator, Preserver, Destroyer... Eastern Religious Influence

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    There was this promo picture that accompanied a recent interview; Manson appeared to have one long fingernail.
    My "explanation" is very general, I wish I could provide a better one. Especially compared to your in-depth analysis, it appears to be rather meager.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elizabeth Casto View Post
    I have a lot of trouble trying to understand alchemy.
    Break something down and build it back ...thats the gist right?

    Also...the new video..i see it as the kundalini serpent and the contortions are reminiscent of sex or yoga. Thats just a first impression though and how wrong those can be.
    At its most basic, alchemy is the science of self-transformation. You are the lead becoming the gold of your divine self. In order to accomplish this, you must burn away the dross to uncover and purify the precious metal - hence, destroying to create. Alchemy also deals with the reconciliation of opposing forces. The Androgyne is an alchemical symbol combining male and female, for example.

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    I just want to point out one more thing i missed.
    at 1:58-2:00 in the new shit video...there is a girl with a bindi silently screaming yes. while the crowd shots no when manson asks if we get it.
    the song got stuck in my head yesterday and i watched the video and saw that by accident.
    and either the director was bad at splicing things or its a weird coincidence.
    interesting none the less.

    That seems to be a common theme in mansons work from an overall perspective. the idea of transformation or becoming. always cut away the dead wood as it does not serve you. Destruction is liberation. Death is as painful as rebirth. There is a reason people shy away from it. Reconciliation of opposing forces..or finding balance?
    its like how the aghori eliminate thoughts of duality.

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    A good topic really. However, I don't think that an atheist like Manson will bother trying eastern spirituality. He was always against myths in anyway.

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    Thank yo for taking the time to read my essay, Whiskey and Speed. I always appreciate different view points. I find yours intriguing.

    To be fair, some have mentioned that this is Twiggy's influence. Since he does have the OM symbol tattooed on him. And I can see that.
    I can also see Manson using some of the imagery in his work and its undeniably there.
    I can agree that Manson isnt a Hindu or a Buddhist or any of that.
    I dont see him being against "myth" , but it depends on your definition of the word. How do You define myth? A false truth. A story man used to understand creation. I see myth as symbolic reasoning and these symbols are signs that have been elevated to mythical status. Academics have been arguing the definition of myth for a long time with no end in sight. Its as pointless to argue the definition of myth as the existence of god.

    If someone wants to understand something they need to understand the symbolism that is behind it.

    I just do not see him bashing eastern religion the way he does Christianity.
    Plus he can say he is an atheist all day, but with lyrics like "I never hated the one true God, but the god of the people-I hated." Plants a seed of doubt in my mind.

    All religions today are perverted due to man, but some truth can be found if you look. just leave the poison behind.
    And im not trying to convert anyone. I see it all as some sort of history or philosophical knowledge thats been lost and found.

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