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Thread: The "VOTE FOR MM" Poll Thread - MMXV Edition

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    Haven't listened to Slipknot since Iowa. I see nothing's changed except either a new vocalist or the old one has lost most of his power.

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    I voted for Slipknot on this one. I love both songs, but Custer is just heavier and harder hitting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coma Red View Post
    I voted for Slipknot on this one. I love both songs, but Custer is just heavier and harder hitting.
    That's too bad! Hopefully the rest of us will be voting for MM.

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    Manson beating Slipknot is surprising to me.. I think the new SLipknot is garbage but a lot of people love that band. If this poll was during Eat Me Drink Me or High End days Slipknot would have crushed Manson. The Pale Emperor has been the comeback I never thought would happen. I thought Born Villain was a comeback for him and this new era is on another level. This era feels like Manson from the 90s early 2000s.

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    I'm especially proud that we won without Manson advertising the poll anywhere.
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    I love both bands and The Grey Chapter is an awesome album prolly the 2nd most listened to other then TPE in 2015. Both bands are legacy for me tho so I pretty much am the most torn when brought to choice. Course its not a hard choice since Manson's music means so much more to me - I just hate voting against Slipknot.
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