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    Er, why hasn't MM made a full feature film yet? Because from what I've heard tonight he already has the soundtrack NAILED.

    I only allowed myself 30 seconds of each track and I am already shitting myself. Never has Manson sounded so clearly well produced (boo Chris Vrenna for BV), since "Holy Wood" with this one and I'm now very excited for the release. I had instant goosebumps over a few including "Slaves" and "Mephistopheles" (intro sounds like a riff from "The Cure" anyone?)

    Good shit, take back what I said about him and his recent goings, just glad he's still going and fucking me over.
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    I find it weird so many people don't like "Birds of Hell Awaiting" it was actually my favorite the first time I listened.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TMC View Post
    I had exactly the same thought while reading the lyrics. Their version doesn't make any sense...
    Along with Deep Six. The first time he clearly says "Art is confidence" and then "Con is confidence" the next couple times.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Svperstar13 View Post
    I find it weird so many people don't like "Birds of Hell Awaiting" it was actually my favorite the first time I listened.
    It grows on you, but the first time I heard it I definitely thought it's the weakest track, and I still believe it is. Although I don't think it's as bad as when I first listened to it.

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    Slave Only Dreams To Be King... reminds me of Spooky Kids meets ACSS meets the Doors <3

    no real order really- TOP 5---

    Slave Only Dreams To Be King/ The Mephistopheles of Los Angeles / Warship My Wreck/ Odds of Even/ Killing Strangers...

    All ten tracks are great.


    Oh Birds of Hell has that similar screaming synth that I Have to Look Up Just to See Hell. Love that track as well.
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    Close to perfection. Maybe his best album since the triptych. I would not say that EMDM, THEOL and BV were weak. All of them had great songs. But this one has less tracks you would want to skip. One exception is probably the Birds of Hell. I've been listening to it since the leak but the song hasn't grown on me enough to call it a great song, yet it is still better than some on EMDM or THEOL.

    Bates did a terrific job musically, Manson's vocal delivery was great. Lyrics are somewhat repetitive and could be stronger in some cases. Still there are a bunch of great metaphors and word play. It's great to have lyrics in front of your eyes while listening. But I strongly doubt the lyrics on are indeed official and were checked by Manson.


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    I 've killed this album listening to it time and time again since it leaked and my favorite song is birds of he'll awaiting,day three,odds of even,killing strangers and deep six.I Love this album so much really.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scorpion View Post
    I think Mephistopheles is honestly one of the best songs he ever made, and the lyrics from Slave Only Dreams To Be King are just phenomenal, one of the best I've seen from him as well.

    Overall, I'd give the album a solid 8,5/10.

    Best songs:
    Deep Six, Mephistopheles, Slave Only Dreams To Be King and Cupid Carries a gun hold the titles for me.

    Song I least liked:
    Birds Of Hell Awaiting

    Fuck, everyone is asleep and I'm refreshing the page to see people's opinion of the record. Argh.
    Mephistopheles is genius and the best sounding song on the record, it's polished and full.
    Slave and Deep Six are next up after that.

    The rest need a few more listens.

    I HATE Warship My Wreck and Birds Of Hell.. horrid garbage.
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    ^ A bit all-or-nothing kind of a guy, huh? :P
    So many stars above our heads and yet we choose to starve. So many stones out there to turn and yet we choose to ignore. Thousands I wish to corrupt, their sons I seek to mislead. Damned forever be your dreams, I reject my destiny.

    Like the first of sins there is no one to blame, the earth grew wet on the seventh day. And we sit down for a feast of hate, we eat each other in a twist of fate.

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    Anyone feeling the Beautiful People riff in Birds of hell awaiting? Love it. :)

    First of all, I absolutely love High End of Low and Born Villain. Eat me, drink me is ok, but probably his weakest record.
    However, I do believe that The Pale Emperor is the best album since Holywood and possibly ( we will see in the long run) one of the 4 greats: ACSS, MA, HW, TPE.

    Be aware that you will discover a lot more that you know now after the first few turns of the record. The music is phenomenal and everytime you here these songs, you will discover something new. This is what I call music.

    Don't have the time for an in depth song review now, but the greatest track on this record is Warship My Wreck. Possibly the best song since Target Audience. The Devil Beneath My Feet will be one hell of a live rocker and Odds of Even is the song to keep in mind.

    Right now this record is everything I wanted and even more. We will see how it holds up in the future. But this is without a shadow of a doubt the greatest era since HolyWood!

    Cannot wait for the physical copy!

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    I think the lyrics on this album are his best since HW, fantastic and original.. Even if some of the songs fall flat.

    Quote Originally Posted by Manson15Marilyn View Post
    ^ A bit all-or-nothing kind of a guy, huh? :P
    I'm a very passionate person!!!?

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