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Thread: The Pale Emperor Visual Parallels

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    That's a great visual parallel!

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    It truly is! Thank you, S.D.!!!!

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    A 1997 photograph of fashion designer Issey Miyake shot by Irving Penn.
    I don't know how this effect was achieved, could be digital or a blurred shot or even water being poured over from above with a fast shutter speed?

    A 2014 photograph of Marilyn Manson shot by Nicholas Alan Cope.

    A 2013 photograph of a model wearing a mesh veil from a collaborative series called "Vedas" by Nicholas Alan Cope and Dustin Edward.
    This series of shoots are gorgeous and are worth checking out:

    Edit: Photobucket wants $33 a month from me to use 3rd-party hosting, LOL. Thanks Imgur!
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